To the age of innocence, our sixth class

My primary school days were spent in Jingweilu Primary School, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province. In the fourth grade, because the school leaders decided to reform some of the school’s routine arrangements, they decided to draw out some students in each class of the four-year group, and then form a new class four years and six classes by these students. The head teacher was an excellent teacher in the whole school at that time, Mr. Li.
I was a student of Class 4 and 5. Because I have been very familiar with the teachers and classmates of Class 5, and I am the first student in Class 5, or the captain of the squadron in that class. So when it comes to classing, I am extremely afraid to read my name. To tell my heart, I do not want to be separated. But what to fear, when I read the names of my classmates in Class Five, the first one called my name.
I remember that night when I returned to my home in the suburbs, I wrote this reluctance in my diary and told my mother quietly that after listening to my words, my mother could not help touching my head and comforting me softly: “Girl, in fact, it is not important which class you are assigned to. The important thing is that as long as you study hard, you can become a student in the new class as well.” A remarkable outstanding student, let alone your new head teacher is an excellent teacher, I believe that as long as you teachers and students work together, in the near future, your sixth class must be a top class collective. Girl, come on, it’s gold. Everywhere you go, you’ll shine. Mother believes you!”
In this way, with my mother’s comfort and encouragement, I quickly put down the burden of thought, and the next day I went to school happily. Sure enough, because I study hard and earnestly in the new class, take the lead in active labor, actively participate in various activities, so soon after, in a class cadre selection, I and Song Lifang classmates together, successfully became the first and second class leaders. And the academic performance is also among the top.
More fortunately, in order to train and exercise me, our dear head teacher, Mr. Li, always gives me the opportunity to host the squadron meeting. Standing in front of my classmates, wearing bright red scarves, presiding over the most important meeting of the class, it is my dear teacher who gives me a good platform to show myself, a vast space to improve my value. To tell the truth, I feel particularly lucky. Blessing!
Moreover, our classmates in Class 6 are very united and progressive. Not only is our class’s performance famous in the whole grade, but also in sports. At the sports meeting held under the auspices of the school, our class’s sports performance is always the first in the whole year.
Although our Class 6 is a post-class, the students show great solidarity. At the end of class, we pack pockets, jump leather bands, tug-of-war, climb poles, play horizontal bars, parallel bars, stand long jump, sit-up, roll forward and roll back on the mat, jump pommel horse, stand upside down…
At that time, we played many sports, renovated patterns, rich and colorful, happy songs and smiles sprinkled all over the campus… So far, I recall that sometimes I would wake up laughing in my sleep, as if I had returned to that green and astringent age, naive, innocent and incomparable…
Soon, as the summer vacation of the sixth grade approached, Class Six of our primary school was facing the stage of graduation. We were reluctant to part with each other, and our hearts were very sad.
But time is like a song, three years of time is soon over, remember the day of primary school graduation, we in the middle of the campus witnessed our growth under the tree to take a group photo, our class cadres and dear Mr. Li also a special photo, in that fresh photo, I and our class’s talented woman Zhang Li hold the three best class certificates in the front, Li. The teacher is in the middle. Behind Mr. Li stands Zheng Wei, Wang Haiquan, Liu Wenpeng and Song Lifang in turn.
Over the years, I have cherished that precious picture. Whenever I see it, the life of Class Six will appear in front of me, as if everything had happened yesterday.
Years passed, until the end of last year, in an occasional opportunity, I contacted Jindi classmate in Shanghai, and pulled me into the group through Zhang Liang. This group was our sixth class in that year. When I entered the group, I was excited to open the voice directly, and when I greeted you, the voice trembled…
Next, Geng Xuedong made an animated expression to welcome me into the group. Immediately, a new friend contacted me in my address book. It turned out to be Zhang Li’s classmate, the beautiful talented girl in Class Six. She is now a teacher of provincial experimental middle school, or so excellent, so beautiful. We talked excitedly to each other until late that night.
Last year, the day of the 4th lunar new year was an unforgettable day for me, because I finally met Mr. Li, the head teacher of our 6th class, through some old classmates I had not seen for a long time. At the moment when our teachers and students met, their voices were choking with excitement. We told each other about our respective destinations over the years and recalled the good times of that year.
Tonight, there are many stars outside. Looking at the graduation photos of Class Six, I decided to pick up the pen in my hand. I would like to give this document to our Class Six, a pure age. At the same time, I sincerely wish Mr. Li, the head teacher of Class Six in our primary school, and the students who are in contact with us and have never been in contact with us, happiness, and health forever!