Feelings after Reading Anne of Green Gables

Annie of the Green Gables is a Book I read very early. Annie, a red-haired girl named “Immortal Alice”, impresses me deeply and is one of my favorite children’s images.
Annie lost her parents at an early age, lived in an orphanage with her teachers and friends, lived in several families, took care of twins, and was adopted by Kathbert’s brothers and sisters at the age of 11. Her greatest feature is that she has a thick red hair, a lot of freckles on her face, a pair of big eyes, a very thin body. She had been laughed at by her partners for her ugly appearance, and she had felt inferior and sad, but after a long time of getting along, her kind and frank personality gradually moved everyone, and finally won the recognition and love of her classmates and fellow countrymen. Despite her hard life, she is still like most children, open and naive, imaginative, and likes to argue with adults. She loves fantasy, because she is not willing to mediocre life, she pursues good things, which is the source of her positive efforts. She was smart and diligent. With her unremitting efforts, she successfully passed the Queen’s College. She not only got the first-class teacher certificate, but also got the University scholarship. But later, she could not bear to leave home and Marilla, who brought her up, and gave up the chance to go to college.
Annie is an ordinary little girl, but the simple natural beauty embodied in her deeply touched me. She pays her heart to life and everyone around her, and draws pleasure from her plain life. She will live a different life.
Matthew Casterbert was the owner of the Green Gables and the person who brought Annie back from the railway station. Matthew was a rather introverted, silent man. His strange appearance and exotic dress made him look the same at the age of twenty as he is now sixty, but his hair lacked a little grey. Matthew can be said to be the backbone of his family. He is the sole farmer in his family. He is also a very kind person. He has made great contributions to Annie’s stay. He loves Annie very much. In a word, I think he is a good old man.
Marilla Casterbert is Matthew’s sister, but she is quite different from Matthew’s temper. At first, the brothers and sisters wanted to adopt a boy, because the boy could help the family do farm work, so when they learned that it was a girl, Marilla was shocked and didn’t want to keep her at first. After a period of time together, Marilla found that the little girl’s body was strong and her work was quick, and she could see from her eyes that she longed to be left behind, and her heart grew tender. Finally, she and Matthew consulted and decided to let her stay. Marilla is a typical knife-mouthed tofu-hearted person. She is usually strict with Anne. Sometimes she is even harsh. But after Anne left home to go to school, Marilla quietly buried her head in the pillow and cried. It can be seen that she really loves Anne and is one of the most important people in Anne’s life.
Mrs. Rachel Lind is Anne’s neighbor. Mrs. Lind is a great housewife, but she is very enthusiastic in the village. She can not only arrange her family affairs smoothly, but also handle other people’s affairs properly. She is a very traditional British woman, so she pays great attention to traditional etiquette, if she sees you do not pay attention to etiquette or decency, then you must not escape her sharp eyes. At first, she had a lot of unhappiness with Annie because of her straightforward and open-mouthed character, but later they let go.
Diana Barry is Anne’s best friend. She was the daughter of a friend of Marilla’s. She had black eyes and hair, a ruddy face, and a lively expression. As soon as she and Anne saw each other, they made a vow in Barry’s garden. When Diana was sad and sad, they were accompanied by Anne. They were almost inseparable. The friendship between Diana and Anne is enviable. In my opinion, not many friends are enough for a lifetime or two.
Gilbert Bryce was once a nuisance to Anne. When she was a child, she jokingly called Anne “carrot” and had a dispute. Anne did not like her red hair very much, and she also cared about other people’s evaluation of it. So she laughed at her hair very hard, and she vowed to hate him all her life. But as they grew up, their relationship gradually improved. Gilbert seemed to have changed from a naughty, impolite, stinky boy to a restrained, responsible person. He also gave Annie the opportunity of Vocational school.
This fantasy-loving and chattering girl is a beautiful memory of my childhood. She has taught me how to love life and nature. She has taught me fantasy. She has taught me that fantasy sometimes adds luster to our dull life. Fantasy sometimes is a source of motivation for our hard work, as long as we take seriously what we love with a pious heart. We can appreciate the joy of life and truly feel the truth, goodness and beauty of life.