Mother’s love

I wandered alone in Japan. I did not care about the provocative or disdainful eyes of others for a long time. I thought I was really carefree. I could put aside what others could not put aside and reach another realm. Now I found myself really silly.
She is a nagging woman.
Always doing endless work and nagging at the same time. But the content will never change, and with a little bit of alarm.
“It’s cold today, wear more! Add some thick ones!” She wiped her red hands.
“There’s a lot of traffic today. It’s dangerous on the road! Be careful!” She unfastened her apron on her waist.
“Don’t let the cold get worse! Remember to take medicine.” She tucked up her untidy hair.
I don’t remember how many times I’ve heard such a thing, but for the first time that day I didn’t think I heard enough…
“Has everything been taken with you?”
“Don’t lose the money!”
“Is there anything else missing?”
“Listen carefully, you know?”

With her chattering all the way, we finally shook to the station. Today, I’m going to school. She came to see me off.
Seeing the students uniformed with me in front of me, I like to find a savior, regardless of the difficulties behind her carrying bags, ran to her, laughing and talking about the fun of the holiday.
It was not until I turned around that I realized I had neglected her. She raised her head, and in the instant that she lifted her eyelids slightly, I suddenly found something in her eyes that I had never thought of. Probably helpless or disappointed, because I did not give her the first smile after going out.
I smiled embarrassingly and said, “Mom, go back! I’m leaving soon too! Come to see you next month, go! You still have to go to work!” I quickly took the bag in her hand. Suddenly found that in the bleak autumn wind, her withered hands had been strangled red and swollen by heavy bags.
“It’s all right, you go!” My eyes were covered with a layer of humidity, and I don’t know when the autumn wind bleak, sour.
I turned and walked, without her footsteps behind me. Looking back! Her eyes are still looking for infinite love and compassion, while her swollen hands are constantly rubbing and comforting each other.
I turned around, waved my hand and said, “Mom, go! You go!”
Mother turned and walked slowly. I continued walking towards the car. Turn around! Mom stopped under a hidden license plate, still looking for eyes, still rubbing red and swollen hands, still disorderly hair in the autumn wind, rickets back.
The eyes began to ache.
The moment our eyes met, she shunned in panic. Then he shook his hand and turned away. I turned around and walked away. We were back-to-back, but our hearts seemed closer. Come back!
She’s still there! She’s just standing at the gate.
I finally couldn’t control myself. Tears flowed out with the shout.
“Mom! Go on! Go on!”
Mom was stunned, and finally after hesitating for a while, she came out of my sight…
Suddenly, I was lost. The answer to her question in the car became a needle in an instant, a needle in my conscience.
Suddenly, I felt that my mother’s nagging was a kind of love, almost the voice of nature, I have not heard enough all my life…
Just remember, at the moment when the car was out of the station, I saw the figure in the autumn wind: red and swollen hands, unkempt hair, looking for eyes, back of rickets…