Huawei Ark Compiler Officially Open Source

On August 31, at the Huawei Developers Conference, which just ended, Huawei officially released the specific open source time of Hongmeng OS and Ark Compiler. The news has also delighted many developers. On August 31, Huawei Ark Compiler Open Source officially launched.
Overview of Ark Compiler:
Ark compiler is a unified programming platform designed to support the joint compilation and operation of various programming languages and chip platforms, including compilers, tool chains, runtime and other key components. The Ark Compiler is still evolving, and it will implement and source these capabilities one after another.
Ark compiler schematic diagram:
Ark Compiler Architecture Diagram
Currently, the Ark Compiler supports the front-end input of Java/Kotlin program bytecode, and other programming languages (such as C/C++/JS) are still under planning. The intermediate representation (IR) converter of the Ark Compiler converts the front-end input into Ark IR and transmits it to the back-end optimizer to generate binary files, binary files and JS. The compiler runtime library file links generate executable files that can be executed in the boat’s runtime environment.
Procedures for Registered Members
Go to Huawei Cloud Home Page and click “Registration” in the upper right corner of the page.
Set up the phone number and click Get Short Message Verification Code.
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Click Agree to Agreement and Register. The account prompts for successful registration.
With the gradual opening of Ark Compiler, developers will enjoy Huawei’s efforts in software. In the future, more and more developers will be able to participate in the construction of open source community and contribute to China’s software construction.