Five deaths and 21 injuries have been reported in the Texas shootings in the United States

According to CNN reports, a gunman drove around Odessa, Texas, and Midland on Saturday afternoon, killing five people and injuring at least 21 others (including three police officers). Odessa police confirmed that the gunman had been killed.
Police revealed that the gunman was a white man in his thirties who held a rifle. He was stopped by patrolmen on the highway for traffic reasons, then shot at police officers and hijacked a USPS truck, whose motive is unknown.
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According to the latest CNN news, five people were killed and at least 21 injured in a shooting incident near Odessa, Texas, and Midland at around 3 p.m. local time on Saturday.
Michael Gerke, Odessa’s police chief, revealed at the launch that the gunman was a white man in his 30s who had a rifle, but did not reveal his name or motive.
Initially, gunmen were stopped on Interstate 20 with traffic problems. He then fired at the officers and drove West to Odessa.
During this period, gunmen also randomly shot passing vehicles and pedestrians, and social media photos showed bullet marks on multiple vehicles. The Texas Department of Public Security has called on residents to stay at home and avoid Highway 20.
Figure Zi: Social Media
Finally, the gunman was shot and killed at the entrance of a cinema in Odessa, where three police officers were wounded. Gork revealed that the gunmen hijacked a U.S. post office truck during their escape. There were reports that there were two gunmen, but the police could not confirm.
The governor of Texas, Greg Abott, described the incident as “ruthless and cowardly” and stressed that Texas would not be dominated by violence and hatred.
Odessa and Midland are located in Western Texas, about 30 kilometers apart, with a total population of 260,000, producing oil. Midland was the childhood home of former President George W. Bush.
About 460 kilometers away is the city of Al Paso. On August 3, 22 people were killed and 24 injured in a shooting at a local Wal-Mart.