Zeng Guoxiang Married

Hong Kong media reported that Zeng Zhiwei’s son, Zeng Guoxiang, and his girlfriend Wang Minyi, who had been dating for six years, had secretly married in Japan. In response, the parties did not respond. Zeng Zhiwei did not answer the phone, and Zeng Baoyi replied, “These questions make him answer better himself.” Wang Minyi is a beautiful duck. Congratulations~
In the early morning of September 3, Hong Kong media suddenly announced that Zeng Zhiwei’s son, Zeng Guoxiang, and his girlfriend, Wang Minyi, had been secretly married in Japan. After six years of dating, the two men finally achieved good results.
Zeng Guoxiang and Wang Yimin have been dating for six years, and their relationship has always been very good. Last year, they moved together. Although Zeng Guoxiang has always said that he is a “unmarried people”, many friends like the couple and hope that they will get married soon. Zeng Guoxiang’s father, Zeng Zhiwei, has long been Wang Minyi’s daughter-in-law. Many activities will give Wang Minyi a chance.
Zeng Guoxiang has directed the movies “July and Ansheng” and “Youth You”. Zeng Guoxiang is still very talented, the film version of “July and Ansheng” was also born out of thin air, directly let the two hostesses Zhou Dongyu Ma Simchun take the movie queen.
Woman Wang Minyi has worked with Miao Qiaowei, Huang Zongze, Wu Zhuoxi, Zhang Zhaohui and other artists to play the only female member of the Flying Tigers. Men and women are also very well matched!
Zeng Guoxiang, 39, and Wang Minyi, 12 years younger than him, fell in love for six years and finally got the good news about their secret marriage. Then a reporter tried to contact Zeng Zhiwei, their father, by telephone, but neither of them got through.
Zeng Guoxiang’s sister Zeng Baoyi, who was very mysterious when she was interviewed, did not deny the good news, but responded with a smile: “These things will be better when they answer them personally.” Reporters repeatedly questioned, Zeng Baoyi is just to say that he did not answer.
Of course, all this is waiting for his official announcement, we are waiting for blessings!