Reporters were threatened to report the illegal production of mysterious people called after the report.

Journalists are sometimes a dangerous job. When they expose some kind of insider, they are often threatened by personal safety. Recently, a reporter reported illegal production but received threatening phone calls within 10 minutes. How was the reporter’s telephone leaked? What’s the inside story?
There is an open pit illegally discharged five or six hundred meters south of Baoluo Village, Tianzhuang Town, Pingdu City, Qingdao. Tailings are discharged without pipeline, which has caused certain damage to the main dam. Reporters reported the situation to the Tianzhuang Town Security Supervision Office in Pingdu City. About 10 minutes later, the reporter received a phone call from the accused, who said, “You don’t need to care how I know, but I already know your phone!”
In the broadcast of Shandong Inquiry into Politics on September 12, the mayor of Pingdu, Li Hucheng, responded, “It may be our national staff, who colluded with people who illegally mined mines and suspected of threatening whistleblowers.” He said that he would immediately integrate law enforcement departments and public security and judicial departments to intervene, resolutely deal with suspected criminal offences, transfer to law enforcement agencies, top punishment.
At present, the identity of the factory owner suspected of threatening journalists and the emergency staff who leaked information has been determined. They are Qin Xinde, General Manager of Qingdao Zhengrunlai Building Materials Co., Ltd., and Yu Ping, Director of Emergency Response Office of Tianzhuang Town. Yuping, director of Tianzhuang Town Emergency Response Office, told Qin Chengde, Secretary of village branch of Nansu village where the tailings reservoir is located, after receiving the reporter’s report telephone, Qin Chengde disclosed it to Qin Xinde, the owner of the tailings reservoir, and then Qin Xinde dialed the reporter’s telephone.
It is understood that Qin Chengde and Qin Xinde are brothers and relatives. At present, all three are under the control of the police, and the police and the Disciplinary Commission have jointly intervened in the investigation.