Tampering with life

Xiaoyu has no history of love until 28.
She has a beautiful face, a skillful disposition, filial piety and hard work.
She’s all right, but nobody loves her.
Because she carries a very deep knot, she is very timid, very afraid, she feels that this life she can not encounter love.
Because she has a psychotic mother. She had to live with her mother all her life, not knowing which man could accept her.
Her mother’s illness is not the biggest problem, her mother’s biggest problem is why crazy temperament.
Because when Xiaoyu was a girl, her father didn’t know that she was nervous and rude that day, and the scene of her deep crying naked stimulated her mother to come home early unintentionally.
So her father went to prison.
Her mother was mad and said, “My daughter’s father raped her.”
Almost all people sympathize with Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu grew up with the care and care of her neighbors.
Everyone was afraid of Xiaoyu’s psychological harm. Everyone looked at her with pity.
Actually Xiaoyu didn’t. Her trauma was something she wanted to understand and recover from. There are no saviors or immortal emperors in the world. You are the only one who can save you.
She did not resent her father, who was young and strong at that time, and her mother was in poor health and sick, as if he had not been able to do it for many years. Her father has always loved her, and she looks like her mother. During the time when his father committed the crime, his life was very unsatisfactory. Almost all the possible twisting scenes in the drama happened to her father, such as the loss of family wealth, the death of relatives, the loss of work and so on. Everyone says whether it is extremely peaceful or not, the curse of happiness depends on it. Unfortunately, her father didn’t wait for transshipment. Originally it should be the easiest to turn over at the bottom of the valley, because the descending channel has reached the bottom, and the space for ascending is infinitely vast.
Unfortunately, her father drank too much at that juncture and pushed the toilet door when he was drunk. Xiaoyu forgot to lock the door when she took a bath after school.
Everything is an inch of energy.
Although Xiaoyu cried and wet her pillow, she never thought that she would send her father to prison for this. She knew that her father loved herself and made unforgivable mistakes, but she could not hate her father and was full of sympathy.
It could have been a calm past. Xiaoyu heard the name of her mother in her father’s mouth. So when he sobers up, Xiaoyu intends to act as if nothing has happened, so that his father does not know such a life play.
Xiaoyu, who is only 14 years old, is so mature.
But when she was mature, she was also a child, and when her father had gone to sleep, she cried with her arms in her arms in bewilderment. In fact, she cried and watched the clock, thinking that she would clean her tears before she woke up, and then she would cook like nobody else. But before that, she had to cry.
As a result, the mother came in and saw Xiaoyu naked and her husband sleeping naked. Her head was so strong that she went crazy. She rushed out of the door in a scream and grabbed the pole outside the door incoherently and shouted, “My daughter’s father raped her!”
This is the only thing her mother will say in the years to come.
She would turn her expression and word order upside down and say, “My daughter’s father raped her!” “My daughter’s father raped her! My daughter was raped by her father! “The expression is sometimes joyful, sometimes melancholy, sometimes mysterious, sometimes angry.
Xiaoyu began visiting her father once a month for 14 years, giving him food, drinks and money, and taking care of her life every day.
She also went to college.
She also found a good job.
Because it’s necessary for her.
No one can save her except her own efforts.
In addition to working hard and attending various classes, what she often does is to take her mother home from different places. She was often lost, but Xiaoyu sewed her phone number in her mother’s pocket.
Every time she went to fetch her mother, on different occasions, her mother would point to her daughter and say that her father raped her.
Because she was a typical psychiatric at first sight, strangers didn’t believe what she said now. This kind of psychological pressure is not as serious for Xiaoyu as it was a few years ago. In the past, when she was not familiar with the world, the expression of shame could not be added, in fact, verified her mother’s words.
Now when her mother said this in person, Xiaoyu took her mother’s hand lightly and said, “Go home, Mom.” Then thank them politely.
Nobody has questioned her history now.
Her story is so simple that she is a sick mother.
Her father was later released from prison, and he did not disappear in person. He had no contact with Xiaoyu at all. It’s easy for Xiaoyu.
When any stranger asks Xiaoyu’s father, Xiaoyu has three words: no more.
Others understand Xiaoyu lost her father in her early years. And Xiaoyu’s absence means she’s not around.
Xiaoyu has been practicing conciseness for more than ten years. She never explains or argues. What the leader says is what she is responsible for. She is only responsible for the ability of execution. For her, explanations mean more words, more words mean more explanations, more explanations mean more communication, and more explanations mean more communication, and then take heart, others tell you family history, and then you can be rewarded with courtesy, and her family history can not be digged deeply. Therefore, the simplest way for Xiaoyu is to execute without excuse and ask more questions.
So Xiaoyu’s problem-solving ability is very strong. Even if the leader makes a wrong statement, she can eventually modify the intention of the leader quietly, without appearing in the mountains, without appearing in the water, and without appearing in the water. In this way, she soon became a leader. At the age of 28, she was an assistant vice-president of a company, and the company’s name was still very loud.
Xiaoyu met Li Gang because she went to fetch her mother again.
This time, the place of recruitment is very special. It is the emergency room ward of the hospital. Her mother was hit by a car, covered with blood and broken bones. The doctor was busy fixing her. She cried out, “My daughter’s father raped her!” But maybe inspiration and pain were unbearable, and her mother jumped out with a very creative sentence: “You raped me, too!” The one in her mouth is the orthopaedic emergency doctor who accompanies her to take pictures and give her plaster. Doctors were shocked and wondered if they were inexperienced or not wearing such a big hat.
Although the doctor-patient relationship was tense and the doctor was honored as a licensed murderer, Li Gang did not know that he was both a rapist and a woman in her early fifties. Xiaoyu’s mother was tidied up by Xiaoyu on weekdays. She looked beautiful and courteous. As long as she did not open her mouth to speak, she was very gentle and virtuous. So Li Gang did not realize that the woman was mentally ill and thought that she was headache and dizziness. It’s not good for him to touch her, nor for him to touch her.
When Xiaoyu entered the ward, she became Li Gang’s most powerful assistant. She pressed her mother’s hand and refused to let her move. Then she was asked to put gypsum on her. She simply said, “My mother was mentally stimulated. I’m sorry.”
Li Gang likes Xiaoyu’s calm face and resolute skill as a surgeon. Her cooperation was just right. She always set aside the right place for Li Gang to operate. She handed out scissors and gauze from time to time, as if she were a well-trained nurse who had worked with Li Gang for many years.
In the end, Xiaoyu watched her painful and tired mother fall asleep like a child, ripped a rag to wipe the blood stains on her face, and combed her head with her fingers. She smiled very gently, without any worries.
Li Gang took the record and asked, “Your mother’s name is Huo Xiaoyu? Your contact address?”
Xiaoyu smiled and turned over her mother’s pocket, embroidered words on it: Huo Xiaoyu 13916087127 (this number is fictional, this is a novel, students do not fight, lest others scold me)
This is my name and cell phone number, she said. My mother’s surname is Zheng.
Li Gang immediately recorded it on his medical record, and later recorded it on his mobile phone.
Li Gang told Xiaoyu that in two weeks, let your mother come over and replace it with a supporting plaster, and then shoot again in four weeks.
When Li Gang saw Xiaoyu again, he was so enthusiastic that he didn’t let her stand in line. He took the acquaintance she was looking for to shoot the film directly. He took her downstairs and personally changed the gypsum for her mother, who kept telling all the patients about her family history. He also made an appointment for the next APOINTMENT.
Li Gang was too tired after a busy day’s work. She was always in the shadow of Xiaoyu and her mother. Finally, she had no words to talk to. She sent a text message to Xiaoyu: “Is your mother recovering well? Let her move her toes more so that she won’t be blocked later.”
Xiaoyu will return two words: Thank you.
Li Gang sometimes receives interesting text messages and forwards them to Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu will be polite and thank you.
Xiaoyu one day the company issued a movie ticket to entertain customers, but two more, out of gratitude, said to Li Gang, send you two tickets, you take your lover to see it!
Li Ganghui said, “No. I’m not married yet.”
Xiaoyu texted again, “Take your girlfriend with you.”
Li Ganghui said, “No. Can you introduce it to me?
Xiao Yuxin moved with a thump.
Xiaoyu thought that if she found a doctor to be her boyfriend, she would be very helpful to her mother in the future. But Xiaoyu has no expectation for all love. She knows that the so-called love means confession, and she can’t. Once she confesses herself, it basically means the end.
That’s why she refused to fall in love for years.
When she was in college, she actually talked about a boyfriend. When she loved him very much, she finally decided to tell him about her unspoken history.
The boy answered artistically: “I don’t mind your past myself. I love you. But I don’t know if my family will accept you.
Xiaoyu should not have known the boy since then.
What’s funny is that the boy should not know Xiaoyu. He later found a girl acceptable to his family.
Xiaoyu was appointed very well. That’s how her life was arranged. There’s nothing to complain about.
So Xiaoyu also thought about Li Gang, unwilling to pursue, anyway, she has no qualifications, so excellent doctors who are in every corner of the market, how could she possibly want a girl like Xiaoyu?
Li Gang thinks Xiaoyu is weird. It looks like Xiaoyu is actually healthy, energetic and calm. Such a good girl is single just because of a sick mother? And the attitude is always close, so that he can not understand her movements.
Although Li Gang thought Xiaoyu’s mother’s words were too vulgar to be accepted, as a doctor, he was not afraid of any kind of vulgar language, jokes and realistic scenes. You think, a big boy who is very agitated in college adolescence can face a naked picture full of organ names without any evil ideas at all. He can follow the teacher in gynecology to open thighs to girls and old women during the practice rotation. What can he not accept? For him, Xiaoyu’s mother’s mental illness, and fracture, and tumors and small births are no different.
Medical learners have a strong nerve. The first time he stabbed a man with a scalpel, he had a certain psychological disorder. After that, he could stab any part of the body with no effort or emotion.
He can stab any lesion, but can’t stab the emotional honeycomb. What if Xiaoyu has a lover but shows a single appearance or Xiaoyu doesn’t like him at all?
He kept exploring, observing Xiaoyu’s every text message and a few words when he met.
After Xiaoyu’s mother removed the plaster, she recovered badly.
Xiaoyu never blames Li Gang. Li Gang has done everything he can, but Xiaoyu’s mother is very difficult to do. She is afraid of pain and death, and refuses to move, and plays with others. She can’t listen to anything and her legs are half disabled.
Xiaoyu doesn’t mind her mother’s leg disability at all. At least now, such a mother can’t drift around the world anymore. She can send her home half a stop away from her place of residence, which saves a lot of trouble. Xiaoyu’s mother has been sick all over. It’s not a big problem to have one more leg disability.
When Li Gang was very guilty, Xiaoyu was happy to invite him to dinner and comfort him at the table.
Li Gang thinks Xiaoyu is very understanding.
Li Gang felt hopelessly in love with Xiaoyu. Because some of the patients Li Gang met were unbearable and unreasonable. When they received the service, they regarded themselves as emperors, and when they paid for it, they all hoped that they would not pay any money. That kind of beating on the nerves, let Li Gang on the one hand improve the defense coefficient, from the first meeting in a state of self-protection, on the other hand, to the scholarly Dali patients and their families are grateful.
Li Gang sent a text message to Xiaoyu. It’s not rude to say so. I’ll invite you to dinner this weekend.
Xiaoyu readily agreed.
Is she interested in me, too?
Li Gang intends to pierce the film.
On Friday night, in the middle of the night, Li Gang summoned up courage to send a text message to Xiaoyu: “I think I’m in love with you. I hope I can hold your hand when I eat tomorrow. If you have the same idea, please order rose tea before dinner. If not, we’ll be good friends.”
It was the next day.
The hotel is very romantic, and there are many men with roses.
When Li Gang entered the restaurant, he regretted that he should bring one with him. Li Gang’s pragmatism made him buy a valuable bracelet. He thought it would be very economical and the flowers would wither. The Bracelet would always be on Xiaoyu’s hand and tie Xiaoyu’s heart like a handcuff.
Xiaoyu was well dressed, but solemnly lacked romance, like going on a business date instead of a man-woman contract.
Before dinner, Li Gang was very nervous. He asked Xiaoyu, what tea do you have?
Xiaoyu said, “Chrysanthemum”.
Li Gang’s heart sank and said, “Sure?”
Xiaoyu said, just chrysanthemum! Clear fire.
Li Gang did not die. He asked, “Don’t you drink rose tea?”
Xiaoyu said, that is too rich for me, just chrysanthemum!
The meal was so boring that Li Gang didn’t like anything, and then politely said goodbye to Xiaoyu.
Later, Xiaoyu contacted Li Gang again. Li Gang became indifferent and had business talks.
Li Gang’s colleague Xiao Pei asked, “What about the family members of your psychiatric mother’s female patient?”
Li Gang said, what?
Xiao Pei said, I like her very much. She looks very comfortable. Does she have an object?
Li Gang said, “I don’t know. You are so interested in other people. Why don’t you contact her yourself?” Li Gang gave Xiaoyu the number to Xiaopei.
Xiao Pei launched a carpet bombing intensive pursuit, so that Xiao Yu felt that happiness had come so fiercely that she could not breathe. Within a few days, it was time to take a solemn oath.
Xiao Yusi wanted to go back and forth. In order to avoid the pain of College love, she told Xiao Pei her story by text message one night.
Xiao Pei was shocked to hear that! He felt that his short-lived love was as unreasonable as that of Wulitou Hong Kong TV series and the bizarre film of Japanese blood suspicion.
He just wants to talk about a love and find a wife. How can he commit a crime, rape, incest, rape in bed, disease and knife?
He remained silent for half a day.
The blow was so sudden that it was a bit like the line in the joke: “Bad donkey, how dare you follow the old lady to rob the teacher too!” The same deviance.
Xiaoyu did not respond when she read the text message. She knew that her future was as she expected, and that the basic thing was to stop cooking.
She decided to give up.
Xiao Pei thought about it for two days and finally sorted out his ideas. He texted Xiao Yu and said, “I love you, but you don’t marry me.”
Xiaoyu’s tears flew all over the sky, and her mother, who was mentally ill, wept with joy.
Soon, they will be married.
Xiao Yu asked Xiao Pei, are you not afraid? Don’t you worry about my past and my future?
Xiao Pei said, your past, you are right again. I’m really worried about your future. Let’s have a daughter, in case it’s a son. I’m afraid there’s your father’s genetic code in my blood and I’ll do something when I’m drunk. If she has a daughter, at least she doesn’t have a JJ.”
Xiao Pei can already make fun of Xiao Yu’s father.
The reason why he can joke is that he thinks Xiaoyu herself is mentally healthy and has no big shadow. He thought about it for two days, and his biggest concern was that Xiaoyu’s childhood injury was similar to that of women, affecting their sexual well-being. But then he thought left and right, he felt that the power of love is enormous, even if Xiaoyu female impotence, he must practice a diamond not bad skills, to awaken Xiaoyu. He practiced sphincter exercises and urine tolerance exercises for a while, fearing that he would not perform well.
As a result, the water came to fruition.
The two men were in a smooth mess. Both go to fairyland. Each delivers himself.
Xiao Pei once told Xiao Yu that he had more than ten years’savings.
As a result, I forgot to give Xiaoyu’s passbook after I got married.
Xiaoyu walks with her legs closed after a certain number of pleasures. She kisses Xiao Pei and says, “You don’t mean you have more than ten years’savings?” I thought you were talking about money.
Xiao Pei laughed and said that there were all, and they were for you.
Li Gang later fell in love and got married. The two families often walk around.
When Xiaoyu was pregnant and had a baby, Li Gang’s wife and Li Gang went to the hospital to visit. Li Gang smiled and held the little girl in her arms and said, “This girl is really beautiful. I also hope to have one. If Xiaoyu had chosen me, the child would have been mine.”
Xiaoyu lay in bed and said, “When did you express your favor to me? If you had said earlier, what’s Xiao Pei doing?
Li Gang stopped suddenly and said incredibly, “I sent you a text message saying that if you like me, you can order rose tea. I’ll remind you to drink chrysanthemum in the end. Just because of this cup of chrysanthemum, I have a knot up to now. I never drink chrysanthemum when I eat in a restaurant. You hurt my self-esteem too much!”
Xiaoyu’s reaction became even more out of control, and she shouted in horror, “I’ve never received this message from you!”
There was an uproar.
But because they are happy, everyone laughed.
Li Gang put down his child and turned away.
A line was typed on the screen: “China Mobile Friendship Tips, in order to ensure the smooth progress of love, please send important SMS twice or more.”
The name of my novel is called tampering with life.
China Mobile is really killing people, I don’t know how many such obscure messages are vital to change our lives. All our love needs to go through the chaotic mandarin ducks spectrum of China Mobile.
Of course, sometimes the beautiful errors created by mobile are as destined as Xiaoyu’s fate. God is the invisible hand.
The other side of the story is that Xiao Pei has been texting “I love you” every day since he pursued Xiao Yu.
Never MISS.
The only delay was a quarrel with Xiao Yu. In a rage, Xiao Pei texted on the street, “I don’t want to talk to you anymore!”
Two days later, the couple rejoiced, and I made love to them. As a result, in the middle of the night, Xiaoyu received the text message from Xiaopei: “I don’t want to talk to you anymore!” Xiaoyu pushed her husband around and asked, why?
Husband looked, laughed, said, DELAY. I forgot about two days ago.