Wang Junkai’s 20th Birthday

Today is Wang Junkai’s 20th birthday. He should be the happiest one. Unexpectedly, he has prepared so many surprises for his fans. During the day, Wang Junkai released 50 million and 60 million fans’benefits, which is enough to make fans happy. Unexpectedly, at dinner time, Wang Junkai launched a live broadcast. What treasure boy is this? It’s great for fans.
In the live broadcast, Wang Junkai also answered many questions from fans, but as soon as the fans spoke, Wang Junkai was disgusted. Because Wang Junkai released several benefits today, but did not release 70 million fans’benefits, so fans asked when the 70 million fans’ benefits would be issued when they were broadcast live. Wang Junkai was confused at that time: 70 million welfare is Growing, you are fake fans, fake fans please quit my live studio, I want to broadcast.
However, Xiao Kai said that he was going to broadcast, but he was reluctant to press the push button. While he said that his hands were sore, he was still watching the comments of fans. What a difference of heart. Fans asked him what to eat in the evening. Xiao Kai was also very happy to share. He did not talk about it, but took fans directly to the kitchen to see it.
I thought Xiao Kai was filmed in a hotel. Now it seems that Xiao Kai is in his home. It takes about 30 seconds to walk from his live room to the kitchen. The room is still quite large. The following picture is Wang Junkai’s birthday dinner tonight. You can see that the stove has been filled with Wang Junkai’s favorite food, green and red millet peppers. It is a good news for Xiaokai who likes spicy food.
In addition, there are eggs, onions, onions and garlic seedlings are being prepared. Xiao Kai also patted the ground. There are several bags of vegetables. It seems that today we will have a good meal. So who is the cook for Xiao Kai?
Wang Junkai generously shared with the people who cooked for him and gave him the right face. The first person who turned around was Brother Ma. He said that he would prepare a wonderful dinner for Xiaokai. It seems that this evening is Brother Ma’s chief knife. Xiaokai has a good fortune. And beside Brother Ma, it seems that Wang Junkai’s cousin, who is still beating eggs silently, is relatively low-key. So, Wang Junkai has a good luck tonight, so enjoy the hard-won happiness.
Every birthday, Wang Junkai has been tired! Because there will be a birthday party on the first day of his birthday, he can only eat a cake in a hurry on the first night, rehearse and stay up late, but this year is different. Wang Junkai will not hold a birthday party, but will hold a concert in October, so that he can relax his birthday and friends. Friends together.
Wang Junkai was also very naughty when he was on the live broadcast. He was asked to make a self portrait by the fans, so he wanted to make a screenshot in the live broadcast, and then sent it out. Fans did not agree. He said he turned off the live broadcast to send his self timer. Fans still disagreed.
Although fans are not satisfied, Wang Junkai still satisfies fans’demands by singing fans’ songs, “Garden Fair” and “Excuse”. After singing, he is shy, not at all like a 20-year-old boy.
Wang Junkai also revealed in the live broadcast that he is in Beijing today, Wang Yuan is a foreign country, can not accompany Xiaokai to celebrate his birthday, and Yi Shun Qianxi also goes to school in Beijing, I do not know if we can get together. Look at how many dishes Xiao Ma has prepared. The people in Xiao Kai’s studio can’t eat at all. Please close the thousand seals for help.