Knowing Live Broadcasting Function

On October 11, it was reported that after a period of market research and internal testing, the live broadcast function was officially launched. In live broadcast scenarios, users can share knowledge, experience and opinions more easily and directly, start real-time discussions and exchanges, and get professional answers from the anchor.
Knowing about live broadcasting business can further enrich the use of scenarios and content forms, extend product depth, and also provide users with more rich creative tools. Some users who are good at speaking and writing can also become creators of new scenarios.
In the live broadcasting studio, users can interact with the host through various functions such as “comment screen”, “question” and “conversation”. Anchor can gain support and recognition from users by outputting content, and get corresponding benefits.
It is learnt that at present, we know that live broadcasting is still in the trial run stage. The host selection mainly adopts the invitation system. In the future, the host’s invitation scope will be gradually expanded. At the same time, I know I will control the type and quality of live content.