The district gives red envelopes to owners.

On the morning of October 21, the property Hall of a community in Suqian City was full of owners. “I heard that the property is going to give us money. Everyone is very happy!” An owner introduced that the property will give 240000 yuan to the owner to send “red envelopes”. The reporter of Modern Express learned that the red envelope distributed to the owners totaled 240000 yuan, all of which was the public income of the community.
Trench! Property of Suqian No.1 residential quarter gives the owner 240000 yuan red packet
The property is paying the owners
Chen Benkui, an 82 year old owner, thumbs up after receiving a red envelope of 113 yuan. He said that after living in so many communities, he saw the property for the first time to pay the owners. This kind of practice makes them enjoy the benefits and feel the warmth from the industry committee.
Trench! Property of Suqian No.1 residential quarter gives the owner 240000 yuan red packet
Notice board of red packet distribution in the community
Shen Guitang, director of the office of the owners committee of the community, said that the public revenue of the community was distributed to the owners. The main sources of the revenue were parking space rental fee and elevator advertising fee. Apart from the cost of public facilities maintenance and transformation, in September this year, the owners committee of the community has completed the work. The public revenue of the community from 2018 to 2019 is still more than 240000 yuan, which is decided to be distributed on an average basis. In principle, the money will be distributed to more than 2000 owners in the community, and each owner can get 113.2 yuan.
The Industrial Committee of the community discussed and decided in September this year, and posted a notice in the community on September 20 to inform everyone. From October 20, we will fulfill our promise to let the owners know where the community’s public revenue is used and improve their happiness.
At present, more than 80 owners have come here to collect the property. The owners can collect the property ownership certificate and the property fee invoice. The staff are on duty every day.