Take the Piggy Cage Car to Yinhu, Shenzhen

In 2018, Xiaojun came to Shenzhen to earn a living by himself. In order to reduce his expenses, Xiaojun rented and lived in Qingshuihe River on the side of the railway line of the Buji Customs, which is adjacent to the Buji Agricultural Batch Market. It is convenient to buy cheap vegetables and rent relatively cheap houses here. Because it is a typical City-side village where many mobile people, such as drug addicts, prostitutes and gamblers, rent and live here. The staff is relatively complex, so the police station of the jurisdiction has become a common practice to check the temporary residence permit at intervals of three to five.
One evening after dinner, Xiaojun planned to go to the Qingshuihe Night Market at the end of the alley. Before he reached the night market, Xiaojun heard the noise in front of him. Xiaojun thought, “It’s not until the police moved tonight.” He touched his pocket unconsciously. “Oh, no, no wallet and ID card are with him.”
At that moment, two co-policemen with red hoops went straight to Xiaojun, and the murderous handler pointed to Xiaojun and said, “Temporary residence permit, your temporary residence permit!”
“No, I left it at home,” Xiaojun answered.
“Suspend your mother, who are you cheating on? Come with us.”
During the conversation, a policeman of the two associations came up and grabbed Xiaojun’s hand and took him to the night market square at the railway crossing of Qingshuihe River. He was parked on the square by several pig cage cars (the closed trucks with only air-permeable windows sealed by iron bars on both sides, which many migrant workers nicknamed as “pig cage cars”) waiting for Xiaojun.
Xiaojun was stuffed into the car, which was already crowded with people. Everyone tried to lean against the window to see if they could find acquaintances passing by. There was no way out. The window was too small and crowded. Xiaojun managed to squeeze into the car window and looked out through the cage-like iron window, without seeing a familiar figure.*
The “pig cage car” soon started and drove out along the narrow ramp of the Qingshui River. Some people tried to turn to pedestrians in the street for helpin vain. At this time, the people in the carriage were aware of the seriousness of the matter, and began to become restless, cursing, complaining, sighing, crying, all kinds of noisy noises in a mess, Xiaojun felt like a lamb to be slaughtered, and had to resign to fate. As soon as the door opened, several co-policemen and policemen waited for Xiaojun. A policeman scolded and scolded them. Get out of the car, fuck up! Xiaojun, they were rushed into an office in the police station yard. Inside and outside, there were fierce police and co-policemen guarding them. “Everyone crouched on the ground, not to speak,” a policeman shouted. Then, the police at their desks began to register the “prisoners” one by one, and soon it was Xiaojun’s turn. “Name, age, where is the person,” the police routinely interrogated Xiaojun. “I’ve just come to Shenzhen to look for a job. I have a border control certificate,” Xiaojun seized the opportunity to explain to the police. The policeman did not raise his head, and a strange “did not ask you this”. Then he ordered Xiaojun to press several handprints heavily on the register book. Xiaojun saw the seal of Luohu Honggang Police Station under the register book. Xiaojun, after they had registered their paintings, was caught up by the police with a slightly larger “pig cage car”. “It seems that we are going to be sent to Camphorwood this time,” said a little brother who had just come from Fujian to Shenzhen to draw pictures. “No, we are going to be sent to Yinhu today. Tomorrow, before 12 o’clock, those who have not been saved will be sent to Jieyang, Camphorwood, Freshwater, Yangcun and other places and sent to different places according to their origins.” The speaker was a Hubei native surnamed Chen, who had been sent to Jieyang once and finally saved from the shelter for 900 yuan. Listening to Chen Hubei, Xiaojun sounded like a fellow countryman and Chen Hubei, Chen Hubei told Xiaojun. “After going to Yinhu, there is a public telephone in the snack bar in the reception station. You can call the company and friends and ask them to redeem people. If there is a certificate from the unit, it can be settled as long as 100 yuan. If there is no unit, 300 yuan will be needed.” According to Chen Hubei, a fellow villager, Xiaojun’s tension relaxed a little. Xin Xiu also had ten yuan on him. It should be no problem to call his roommate. About half an hour later, the “pig cage car” arrived in Yinhu Mountain. Xiaojun andJun were ordered out as usual. Long queues were formed at the entrance. Staff were busy searching the prisoners. All personal items such as keys, mobile phones, pagers and wallets were confiscated temporarily.
Xiaojun thought to himself, “Thanks to Chen Laoxiang who just hid his money in the car, otherwise, he would be penniless.”
Because it is a fellow countryman, Xiaojun and Chen Hubei are arranged in the same room, where the door is locked by a big iron, the door opposite the wall is a urinal pool, and there are two large toilets beside the urinal pool; beside the door is a row of brick beds similar to the Kang bed structure, which are polished with cement, and the roof of the room is a funnel-shaped skylight with wire. The net cover is so strict that it is estimated that even birds can’t fly out. Xiaojun, a dozen or so of them were all confined in this room. Everyone was sitting on the cold brick bed with their faces staring at each other. After a long silence, Xiaojun was filled with hate, regret and complaint.
“What else can we do? People have to bow their heads under the eaves, hoping that the dawn will come early.” Xiaojun thought left and right, and went to sleep in confusion.
Shortly after, Xiaojun was woken up by a noise. It turned out that two thin and short guys who came in the room sometime beat a “prisoner friend” wearing glasses in the corner of the brick bed. Under the leadership of Chen Hubei, they stopped the murder of the two guys in unison. They met badly, and called for the staff to change their rooms in disgrace. Express gratitude to Chen Hubei.
Breakfast blew-out time finally arrived, Yinhu accommodation

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