Bangkok or flooded

Recently, Thai media quoted the U.S. non-profit organization “climate central” as saying that in the next 31 years, more than one tenth of the Thai people will live in cities that are likely to be flooded, and Bangkok, the political and economic center of Thailand, will bear the brunt.
According to a recent report released by climate central, by 2050, nearly 300 million people are expected to face the threat of sea level rise, and about 150 million people living in the world will probably be submerged by sea water. The report is based on artificial intelligence technology and data. Among them, Asian countries are the most affected, with 237 million people under threat, mainly concentrated in India, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and other countries. In addition, Asian cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore also face the threat of being submerged due to rising sea level.
Bangkok, Thailand, is also the fifth fastest sinking major city in the world, according to the international sea level organization. In 2018, a World Bank report predicted that by 2030, 40% of Bangkok’s land area will not reach sea level!
Recently, Thai Prime Minister Bayu even said that he would consider moving his capital from Bangkok due to population, pollution and traffic problems. This means that Thailand may become another Southeast Asian country considering moving capital after Burma and Indonesia.
If these coastal cities do not have enough coastal protection, they will face the possibility of being completely submerged, which will force millions of people to migrate, so it is urgent to formulate more stringent climate protection measures.