Nanning old man supermarket hanging

At 7 p.m. on January 16, an old man hanged himself at the gate of a supermarket in shuangmajing, Nanning.
Ms. Wang, who runs a grocery store nearby, said that at about 7 p.m., she found someone hanging and immediately called the police for help.
When the police arrived at the scene, they cordoned off. According to the police, the dead man was an old lady hanging on the top rail of the supermarket passage. When they put the old lady down, they had no vital signs.
The place where the dead hanged themselves.
After on-site investigation and retrieval of monitoring video, the incident was restored:
Before the incident, the old man stood up from the nearby stone bench and walked along the steps to the guardrail position above the supermarket channel; at this time, the monitoring picture was blocked by the stairs; 30 seconds later, the old man appeared again and climbed out along the outer edge of the steps. According to the surveillance images and on-site analysis, the police preliminarily ruled out the possibility of homicide.
The old man sat on the stone bench near the crime scene.
The old man climbed out of the railing.
There was a trail of blood on the steps about 20 meters from the place where the accident happened. Nearby residents said that the old man had sat before the accident, probably after cutting his wrists.
There are rumors on the Internet that the old man had a dispute with the supermarket before he died. In response, the head of the supermarket said that the old man was not a supermarket employee and did not find her shopping in the supermarket on the same day and had a dispute.
At present, the police have identified the elderly and contacted their families to deal with the aftermath. The family members have no objection to the conclusion of the police investigation. Police are still investigating the cause of the suicide.