Liushahe died

Liushahe, 88, died at 3:45pm on November 23 Please go, sir!
On this day, we experienced a long period of hours from the rumor of “Liusha river died” in the morning, to the family’s relief of “Liusha river did not die”, to the gripping heart of Liusha River, Chengdu cultural circle was praying for a miracle to protect Shalao. However, the last bad news that we would like to hear is coming. He failed to survive the difficult rescue in the end.
“At 3:45, my father left.” At 3:50 p.m., Yu Kun, Liushahe’s son, personally told the Red Star News reporter the fact and confirmed it again through wechat.
He said that Liusha river had unfinished regrets. What my father couldn’t let go of was the unfinished writing and research.
He said that his father fell into a deep coma at 10 a.m. on the 23rd. I haven’t had time to leave my last words. Father’s illness is not very sudden, in fact, he has been suffering from laryngeal cancer for a long time. He only found it a dozen days before his death, but it’s too late. Cancer cells have spread, causing complications.
Yu Kun’s tone is very heavy. I don’t know how to deal with the later affairs of Liusha river. I need to go back to discuss with my family. I hope that the outside world will give more quiet space to my family and not disturb them.
Liushahe (Contemporary Chinese poet)
Liushahe, formerly known as Yu xuntan, was born on November 11, 1931 in Jintang County, Chengdu. A famous poet, writer, scholar and calligrapher in modern China. His main works are Liushahe poetry collection, farewell to the hometown, whereabouts, twelve poets in Taiwan, talking about poetry across the sea
Twelve middle-aged poets in Taiwan, Liushahe poetry, zigzag and gnawing traces, Zhuangzi modern edition, Liushahe essays, quotations from Mr. y, Liushahe essays, recent works of Liushahe, etc. Many poems are included in middle school Chinese textbooks.
Liushahe entered the Department of agriculture and chemistry of Sichuan University in the autumn of 1949, determined to learn from literature. In 1950, he worked as the supplement editor of Western Sichuan Farmers Daily. In 1952, he was transferred to Sichuan Federation of literary and art circles. He was first a writer, then a mass editor and a poetry editor of star. Sawn wood for six years, nailed box for six years, and supervised labor for 20 years. In 1979, he was transferred back to Sichuan Federation of literary and art circles as the editor of star poetry magazine. He has been writing since 1985.
Liushahe is absolutely the real master of Chengdu culture. Master, this time I really left, leaving a sad sigh