Zhang Mi diagnosed advanced cancer

Today (November 26) singer Zhang mifa Changwen said he had been diagnosed with “advanced cancer”. “I never thought that the four words” advanced cancer “would have something to do with myself. Even when I got the diagnosis report, I couldn’t believe that the words in black and white were true,” Zhang said. The process from despair to acceptance is a bit lengthy, because touching the proposition of life and death, I suddenly have a deeper understanding of the concept of “living to death”. The existence of life itself is towards “death”, but this does not prevent us from actively pursuing the colorful life. In the continuous chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I seem to fall into the abyss of pain, hair loss, dizziness, vomiting and so on, which makes me miserable. However, the encouragement and company of doctors, family members and friends make me see a glimmer of light in the abyss, and the feeling of joy in pain makes me have a different experience of life.
Looking back on the past days, the original experience can be bumpy to the extreme, wonderful to the extreme! Every experience may be God’s test for me, to make myself better and stronger! Now I feel the greatest happiness when I see the sun rising every day. If I can challenge death and overcome it, what else can I fear in the future? I don’t think it’s an ultimatum of death. It’s just a little cold in my life.
Through the glass window to find the small life dancing in the sun, and get along with the family every minute and second to realize the meaning of family feeling. I’ve never been so hopeful. I’m looking forward to touching and feeling the temperature of the sun. I’m looking forward to standing on my favorite stage again
Singer Zhang Mi diagnosed with advanced cancer
Zhang Mi is wearing a hat. She must have gone through chemotherapy to lose her hair. Although she looks very haggard, she still compares her hair with her hands in front of the camera. I believe that with the development of medicine, Zhang Mi’s condition will change, and I wish Zhang Mi can be cured.