Student load reduction program

On December 11, the Department of education of Zhejiang Province officially released the implementation plan for reducing the burden of primary and secondary school students in Zhejiang Province (hereinafter referred to as the “reduction plan”). The reporter noted that the draft of the proposal was released on October 28, in which it was proposed that pupils and junior high school students could refuse to complete the remaining homework after 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. after being confirmed by their parents. In the new regulation, only the middle-level students in the class were required to refer to the length of homework. In addition, the new regulations require that no homework should be arranged in the parent group, and parents should not be required to check and correct homework.
“No one size fits all reduction of the burden.” Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education said in the interpretation document of the “load reduction program” released on December 11 that the focus of this load reduction work is to solve the outstanding problems such as excessive academic burden of primary and secondary school students inside and outside the school and deviation in the implementation of various specifications.
The program regulates school education and teaching, standardizes examination and evaluation, deepens the reform of education mode, standardizes the enrollment of primary and secondary schools, standardizes the training outside the school and the management of competitions and activities entering the primary and secondary schools, implements the responsibility of family education, and strengthens the responsibility of the government. The program will be implemented from January 10, 2020.
In terms of operation, the load reduction plan mentioned that the operation quality should be improved and the total amount of operation should be controlled as a whole. The total amount and time of homework in each subject are controlled by the school grade group. According to the requirements of the curriculum standard, the length of homework is controlled by the middle-level students in the class. All assignments assigned to students must be selected, done first, graded and approved by teachers. No punitive assignments are allowed.
In addition, homework should not be arranged in the parent group, parents should not be required to check and correct homework, parents should not be required to submit cultural discipline homework by typing, and students’ homework should not be turned into parents’ homework.