Shencheng withdraws bankruptcy application

Shencheng a retreat, the original stock abbreviation is Shenzhou Great Wall, because the stock price falls below the par value to trigger the delisting mechanism, there are only ten trading days left at present. According to Shencheng A’s latest announcement, the company’s creditors withdraw their bankruptcy application. Next, let’s get to know more about it. Shencheng a withdrew and announced that recently the company received the civil ruling delivered by the court. The applicant Xi’an bifui road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. applied for the bankruptcy reorganization of the respondent Shenzhou Great Wall Co., Ltd. and the applicant proposed to withdraw the bankruptcy reorganization application. According to the investment cooperation agreement signed by the controlling shareholder of the company and Yufa group, if the reorganization plan is not approved or approved, resulting in the failure to continue to advance as agreed, the agreement will be automatically terminated. Shencheng withdraws bankruptcy application and Shencheng a withdraws the latest news
According to the official website, Shencheng A is Shenzhou Great Wall Co., Ltd., founded in 1984 with a registered capital of 1.698 billion yuan. The company is mainly engaged in engineering investment and medical investment business at home and abroad. From September 26 to October 30, 2019, Shenzhen Stock Exchange forced to delist because the closing price for 20 consecutive trading days was lower than the par value (1 yuan). According to the previous information, since November 25, 2019, Shencheng a has entered the delisting consolidation period with a term of 30 trading days. Upon expiration, Shencheng a will be delisted by Shenzhen Stock Exchange. By the end of the day, Shencheng A’s stock price was 0.25 yuan per share and its market value had shrunk to 425 million yuan.