Cai Yilin apologizes for the exam

Jolin Tsai will hold the “ugly beauty” concert in May next year. Tickets will be sold online on December 15. In order to prevent scalpers from buying tickets, it is necessary to answer the questions correctly. But because the title is too difficult, many fans can’t buy concert tickets.
On December 17, Cai Yilin apologized to her fans when she attended a bank spokesperson’s event, saying: “I got the wrong answer to the question of buying tickets in the last concert, because I thought it would be different this time. Even I don’t know the answer. It’s really hard for everyone. We should be scolded. ” When the reporter asked if there would be more concerts, Jolin said he would discuss with the team again.
It is understood that the examination questions in Taipei venue are “are the flowers, sticks, rolls or squid eaten in the MV of Cai Yilin’s strange beauty?”, “in the MV of Cai Yilin’s strange beauty, what is the color of the last scene after the defendant and the judge embrace and explode?”, and the answer is the flowers, blue.
As for Kaohsiung Arena, there are “several people who join Jolin and actors in the” negative break “MV. The options include 32, 9, 26 and 15 people, as well as” who is not Jolin’s alias for house tiger in instagram “. The options include pipi, pipi, handsome and fat bear. The correct answer is 15 people and Pipi.