Dalian women’s football disbanded

Yesterday, Dalian women’s football in the women’s Super League officially informed the players that the team was dissolved. This is another top league team of Chinese women’s football which is difficult to continue after the dissolution of Tianjin HuiSen women’s football two years ago.
Dalian women’s football team, as an old brand of women’s Super League, was acquired by Quan Jian Group in 2015 and renamed as Dalian Quan Jian women’s football team. From 2016 to 2018, Dalian Quan Jian women’s football team won the women’s Super Champion for three consecutive seasons. Since then, with the “east window incident” of Quan Jian group, Dalian women’s football team has been in trouble, the main players have been transferred, and the team has also become a relegation team. In this year’s women’s Super League, Dalian women’s football team only won one game and ranked the last. According to the rules of this season’s women’s Super League, the team with the bottom one will compete with the third place in this season’s women’s League. Dalian team defeated Hebei Huaxia happy women’s football team in the additional competition and saved the position of the women’s Super League.
According to the regulations of China Football Association, all Chinese Super teams need to match a women’s team in 2020. Before the problems of Quan Jian group, Dalian had already thought of incorporating the women’s football team. In addition, because the Tianjin Women’s football team has been disbanded at the end of 2017, Tianjin men’s football team also intends to incorporate Dalian women’s football team. But at this time, there was a problem with Quanjian group. It is reported that the contracts signed by the players and the club before are mostly similar to the yin-yang contracts. The contracts that the players can get only a few thousand yuan salary, and the more important bonus is signed separately. Because of the detention of Quan Jian group, the bonus of Dalian women’s football team has not been paid, which has become a leftover problem. Therefore, neither Dalian nor Tianjin want to take over this hot potato, which is also the reason why Dalian women’s football team did not take over this year. In addition, the men’s football club in Dalian has acquired a women’s football team, and will appear in the women’s League (second level league) on behalf of the Dalian side next year.
After a year of hard support, the Dalian women’s football team had to announce its dissolution. At present, the team is still in arrears with the player’s salary. The players in the team have been informed yesterday that they can find a home. No matter Dalian or Tianjin Women’s football team, the former champion Division has been reduced to the point of no one to accept the offer or even forced to disband, which makes the fans sigh. In 2020, the women’s Super League will be expanded to 10 teams, and the women’s League will have 12 teams. After the dissolution of Dalian women’s football team, Hebei Huaxia happiness team, which lost in the additional match, will be added to the women’s Super League next season.