Zheng Shuang joins Beijing Spring Festival Gala

Recently, Zheng Shuang’s participation in the Beijing Spring Festival Gala has aroused heated discussion among netizens. 2019 has come to an end, and the 2020 Spring Festival Gala is coming soon. In 2020, Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi are invited to the Beijing Spring Festival gala as spokesmen. At the same time, Zhang Wei, Zheng Shuang and others join in to have a look.
Zheng Shuang joins Beijing Spring Festival Gala
On December 29, Zheng Shuang joined in Beijing Spring Festival Gala and boarded the hot search. In recent days, major TV stations have started rehearsal of Spring Festival Gala, even cross year party. When they arrive at the party, some fresh meat or flower day attract the attention of fans.
On December 28, the press conference of the 2020 Beijing Radio and Television Spring Festival Gala was held in Beijing Television.
At the press conference, Xiao Zhan not only sang the new year’s songs such as “often go home to have a look”, “sell Tangyuan”, “congratulations and get rich”, “beautiful”, but also revealed that he was more willing to go home for the new year than to meet his parents, “because I am a very traditional person.”
As for whether the Spring Festival will receive red envelopes or not, Xiao Zhan said frankly that he did not receive red envelopes after graduation, “from the first time he made money, he sent red envelopes to the younger generation.”
Another spokesperson, Yang Zi, was unable to attend due to work reasons, but specially recorded a VCR to send new year’s greetings and agreed with the audience to “see you at the beginning of the year 2020”.
It is reported that the 2020 Beijing TV Spring Festival gala will be broadcast simultaneously on Beijing Satellite TV and BTV literature and art channel at 19:30 on the first day of the Lunar New Year (January 25, 2020).
2020 is the year of gengzi mouse in the lunar calendar. It is a milestone year for the people’s Republic of China, which has gone through 70 years of wind and rain.
The 2020 Beijing platform Spring Festival gala will continue to share the splendor of the motherland, the joy of the people and the warmth of the home with the theme of “count your happiest”. It will present the audience with a “exclusive feast” that is beautiful and moving, festive and wonderful.
On the spot, Qin Zheng, the general director of Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala in 2020, revealed the first cast and highlights of the program, among which Ni Ping, Chen Peisi and Zhu Shimao, who are full of memories of the gala, will gather on Beijing TV;
Zhang Guoli, Wang Gang and Zhang Tielin, the so-called iron triangle in the Jianghu, may have another fight between monarchs and ministers;
Zhang Wei, Zheng Shuang and rocket girl 101 will also show up.
In addition, there are a group of old friends of Beijing Spring Festival Gala, such as Feng Gong, Guo Donglin and so on, who will come as promised;
Song Xiaobao met at the Beijing Spring Festival Gala in 2019 and successfully “facilitated” Lin Zhiling’s marriage. Who will he marry in 2020?
Are the elderly in spring homes able to find their own happiness in 2020?
In recent years, the Beijing platform Spring Festival Gala has created many classic nostalgic bridge sections, such as the amazing combination of Chen Chong, Liu Xiaoqing, Zhang Yu and Siqin Gaowa, as well as the warm reunion of I love my family, which have earned the audience’s tears.
It is reported that the 2020 Beijing TV Spring Festival gala will continue to give the audience a surprise link with shared good memories.
How is Zheng Shuang
From the frequent quarrels in “the love of daughters” to the rumours of breaking up, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng, who are not regarded as good friends, finally chose to end their relationship in the dispute.
However, compared with the speculation of various economic disputes on the Internet, Zheng Shuang is extremely calm.
In addition to putting himself into work wholeheartedly, Zheng Shuang also put some of the previous couple’s products on the second-hand platform and sold them at a low price.
But I never thought that in recent days, Zheng Shuang even sold her mother’s dowry directly.
She wrote on the second-hand platform: “four sets of brocade jacquard, four sets of brand-new ones, the dowry my mother bought for me, one for free, four sets of brand-new pure cotton.” At the same time, several groups of photos are attached for the buyer’s reference.
Judging from the photos, although it’s a dowry, my mother didn’t plan to celebrate it too much in bright red. Instead, it’s made of golden satin and exquisite patterns, which looks rather high-grade.
However, what may surprise Zheng Shuang’s mother is that the dowry, which was originally bought with blessing and excitement, has not only been sealed in the packaging bag, but also lies on the second-hand idle platform.
However, although it’s still a new dowry, in terms of price, Zheng Shuang only bid 3200 yuan, and in addition, a new set of four pieces of pure cotton is also attached. Think about it, the price is very affordable.
In fact, from the rumor of breaking up to selling dowries at a low price, Zheng Shuang has not only never responded positively, but now he has only replaced it with a “temporarily unavailable” sentence, which seems to be irrelevant, but it still hurts.
From his debut to now, Zheng Shuang is not only controversial, but also once labeled as “love brain”.
But a relationship, once started, will surely think of holding hands with children, will be desperate to pay, and now, things are different, only hope that the future of Shuang sister, can really meet the right person who can hold hands to the white.