Whistleblowers taunt Han Hong

On February 20, Sima Sanji issued an article admitting that he deliberately tried to spread rumors about Hanhong foundation. On the same day, Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau also published the results on the report of Hanhong foundation. “After investigation, since its establishment, Hanhong foundation has generally operated in a standardized way, especially in the fight against the epidemic, which should be supported and affirmed. However, it was also found that some of the investment items were not publicized in a timely manner, and there were public fundraising behaviors before they were qualified for public fundraising. Our bureau has asked Hanhong foundation to make corrections within a time limit and standardize its operation according to law. “
But recently, the blogger “Sima Sanji” once again launched an attack on Hanhong and Hanhong foundation on Weibo. He said that “his application for administrative reconsideration to the Beijing Municipal People’s government has been accepted, and two materials need to be supplemented and corrected in written form.” In addition, he also tweeted a satirical video of Han Hong’s interview in the past, in which Han Hong confessed that he had received an admission notice from Harvard but gave up his enrollment. “Sima Sanji” questioned that Han Hong’s “Harvard” was not the school that everyone understood. “Maybe it’s a Harvard car store?” He also said that Han Hong lied “when he opened his mouth, there was no flaw, and there was no pressure through the lie detector.”.