Chen Daoming or Zhong Nanshan

Since the outbreak of a new coronavirus pneumonia in China, it has been several months since the outbreak. Now the epidemic is getting better and better. It’s already in spring outside. When the epidemic is completely over and the door is opened, what you want to do most may be to eat a hot pot, watch a movie, or meet some good friends and friends, and walk in the Huahai oasis together. I think it’s also extreme Well.
To borrow a phrase from netizens: 2020 is special and unforgettable for all people. Through this epidemic, the whole nation will usher in unprecedented cohesion.
In this epidemic, what we should remember and thank most is that the medical staff who are in the front line of the battle, they are carrying the weight forward, retrograde and upward, in exchange for our quiet years now.
Recently, the media broke out that radio and television decided to make the epidemic into a TV series, and it has been put on the shooting schedule. The famous “settle down” screenwriter Liu Liu has gone to the front line to find those touching deeds.
The anti epidemic series is called together. It will follow the model of “my country and I” in the national day of 2019. It is composed of several small stories and chapters, aiming to promote and record the touching deeds and unity spirit during the epidemic.
I think everyone is looking forward to it? This will become the historical mark of the TV series will be presented in the most perfect way.
So, next is the question of the cast that netizens are most concerned about.
I think you’ve heard the name Zhong Nanshan even if you don’t hear anything out of the window? When SARS broke out in 2003, Zhong Nanshan rushed to the front line immediately. At that time, he was the hero in many people’s mind.
Unexpectedly, after 16 years, another epidemic broke out suddenly. Grandpa Zhong, who is over 80 years old, warned us not to go to the serious epidemic area or run around. However, he went to the front line in the dining car of the train and contributed his strength.
Such a hero, of course, is indispensable in together, so who will play our national treasure Zhong Nanshan?
According to Hong Kong media, the actor of Zhong Nanshan has been determined, that is Chen Daoming, a national first-class actor.
Now 64 year old Chen Daoming, a real old actor, has won numerous awards and played many “Emperors”. I think netizens are quite satisfied with him playing academician Zhong.
However, another important actor has aroused controversy and make complaints about netizens.
That is Dr. Li Wenliang, who has made great contributions to the epidemic. It is sad that he has passed away unfortunately, but he deserves to be remembered by all.
It is reported that Dr. Li Wenliang’s actors have finalized Deng Chao and Lu Yi, and will choose one of them to play.
So, the netizens were dissatisfied. They thought that the two actors were not suitable to play hero Li Wenliang. They called them “Iron Rooster” and “Doctor Li Wenliang” who went to seek refuge in other countries during the epidemic. They both behaved badly and could not play the role of iron man.
Some netizens think that actors should have both moral integrity and ability, and make outstanding contributions in the epidemic, such as Huang Xiaoming, Gao Xin, etc., one is to donate money and materials, the other is to do volunteer work to make masks during the epidemic, which are worthy of praise.
Of course, at present, it is only in the stage of casting, and the final role has not been determined, but Deng Chao’s acting is still online, so please look forward to the final masterpiece!