Luo Zhixiang’s godfather defends him

According to Taiwan media, Luo Zhixiang (piggy) and Zhou Yangqing’s destructive breakup caused heated discussion. Xu Nalin, Luo Zhixiang’s father, pointed out the key reasons. To be honest, artists who come to the mainland earn a lot of money, but they have a lot of free time. Of course, they hope to get together with friends, so they will eat, drink and have fun everywhere.
Xu Nalin recalled Luo Zhixiang, who was the four kings of “Taiwan’s red don’t let” at that time. He also called me “Godfather” for a while. He had previously released a new album and also appeared in “talent rush rush rush rush”, but he went to the mainland for more than ten years, and we didn’t contact him. He said: there is no way for outsiders to know about their feelings. How can they know about their family? Artists are social wealth and what they get is given to you by the society. Therefore, we will use a magnifying glass to see that we should be careful on the table or in private.
Xu Nailin pointed out that Luo Zhixiang would be very hard-working, and the famous artists should be careful.