Full time closing of Beijing and Tianjin

Beijing News (reporter Zhang Xiaorong) was taken over by Shanhai blueprints or will face another crisis. In May 11th, Beijing full-time convenience store issued a notice of closure through the official WeChat official account. It said that all the stores in the Beijing convenience store will be closed at 24 o’clock in May 20th because of the strategic adjustment of the company’s strategy. But then, the message was deleted by the publisher. It is worth noting that Tianjin is also closing its stores on a large scale.
According to the official account of WeChat public, which has been deleted all the time, all stores in the Beijing convenience store will be adjusted at 24. 0 minutes in May 20, 2020. Before that, stores will normally shut down and the whole market will be sold at 40 percent off (excluding cigarettes and card products). For the customers who still have balance in the stored value card and membership card of the full-time convenience store, they need to go to the direct store for consumption or refund before May 21. If you have any questions, you can call the service number, but the reporter of the new Beijing news can’t get through with the reserved number.
It is worth noting that full-time Tianjin is also closing its stores on a large scale. Public comments show that many stores are in a “resting” state, while “Tianjin ourhours full-time convenience store” has not been searched. According to media reports on May 11, the full-time convenience store has informed several major suppliers that have cooperated before, and suspended the supply to them. However, the full-time convenience store has not settled the payment for the suppliers whose cooperation has not yet reached the payment period. At the same time, a staff revealed that due to the break of the parent company’s capital chain, all full-time stores in Beijing and Tianjin will be withdrawn.
In response to the reasons for Tianjin’s full-time withdrawal and Beijing’s issuance of the notice of suspension of business and capital problems, the reporter of Beijing News contacted the full-time aspect, but no response was received as of the time of publication. It is worth noting that this is the second full-time crisis. According to the public information, in November 2018, the business capital chain of Fuhua, the full-time parent company, broke, and part of the stores of the full-time convenience store and its brother brand earth port and full-time life were forced to close. In February 2019, stores in different regions were “split up”, among which 500 stores in Beijing, Tianjin, Langfang and Chengdu were taken over by Dongshan hailantu. According to previous media reports, in the second half of 2019, full-time was restarted under the new shareholders’ trading. In April this year, full-time small programs were also launched, and it was indicated that it would vigorously develop e-commerce.