Xiao Zhan speaks again

Netease Entertainment reported on May 13 that on the evening of May 13, Xiao Zhan forwarded the people’s Daily’s commentary on the suspension of teachers who organized students to support idols, saying that “the bottom line of the profession cannot be broken, the rational circle cannot be broken, and the rice circle cannot be everything.”
Recently, after several videos of primary school teachers organizing the whole class to dance in support of Xiao Zhan were exposed, the school suspended the teachers concerned. The Education Bureau had a admonitory talk with the principal of the school where the teacher was, which caused heated discussion and discussion. On the evening of the 13th, the people’s Daily published a review article, saying that the school is a hall of knowledge, a place for preaching and dispelling doubts, not a fan processing factory for stars. The education of young children is related to the future of the country, and the cultivation of young people’s values is related to the hope of the nation. It must not become a tool for star seeking. Organizing students to help their idols not only breaks the professional norms, but also damages teachers’ professional ethics, reflecting the loopholes of education and training management. The cross-border pursuit of stars not only overdraw the flow of stars, but also may backfire on the idols themselves, eroding the positive value of the circle culture. The “line” of professional background cannot be broken, the “circle” of reason cannot be out, and the rice circle cannot circle everything, especially the children’s classroom. Only by pursuing the stars with civilization and rationality can the positive energy of fans be aroused.