Wu Yanzu meets trump

“You can’t speak for us.” Chinese actor Wu Yanzu refuted a tweet by US President trump on social media ins Tuesday. The latter has pushed that Chinese Americans are angry with China.
On May 12 local time, trump tweeted: “Asian Americans are very angry about what China has done to our country and the world. And Chinese Americans are the most angry of all Asians. I don’t blame them! ” A kind of
On the 13th, Wu Yanzu posted Trump’s tweet on his INS, saying, “you don’t speak for us.”. It’s worth noting that Wu’s words are all capitalized.
Up to the time of publication, Wu Yanzu has won more praise than Three point one Ten thousand times.
Although some netizens pointed out that Wu Yanzu didn’t represent them, many netizens expressed their support for Wu Yanzu. Thank him for coming out to talk ↓
“Well said Daniel”
“Well said Daniel”
“You’re great”
“Thank you for standing up and talking”
Some netizens think that Trump’s saying “absurd and stupid” does not mean that most Americans ↓
“He doesn’t represent the majority of Americans.”
“It is absurd and foolish to say so! I still can’t believe that man was elected president of the United States. “
In fact, in addition to Wu Yanzu, Trump’s provocation was also opposed by other Chinese Americans and even Asian Americans.
Meng Zhaowen, a Chinese woman Congresswoman and vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said bluntly, “we are very angry with you.”. Meng accused trump of using racist rhetoric to distract people from his ineffective response to the epidemic. Others say that the president of the United States does not represent Asian Americans.
While the new U.S. crown epidemic situation is still grim, NBC said Meng Zhaowen has repeatedly criticized some Republicans, including trump, for using China or Asian Americans as “scapegoats” in recent weeks, “rather than tackling immediate problems.”.
“What we are angry about is that people are losing their lives, and our country has the highest number of confirmed cases and deaths in the world, because of the confusion and lack of coordinated response,” said Yang Anze, a Chinese entrepreneur who participated in the Democratic primary in the 2020 presidential election
A day before the release of the controversial tweet, Trump’s “confrontation” with Jiang Weijia, a CBS Chinese born female journalist, at the White House press conference on the 11th attracted public attention (previously reported that it was invalid to push China, trump cut off the press conference and left!). According to the business insider website, there is criticism that Trump’s comments on that day were racist.
At that time, Jiang Weijia asked trump, “Americans are losing their lives every day. We can see more cases every day. Why is testing a global competition for you?” Trump replied, “people are losing their lives all over the world. Maybe you should ask China this question, don’t ask me, ask China, OK?” Then Jiang Weijia continued to ask, perhaps because the question “to the point”, trump became angry, then left the scene angrily, curtly ended the press conference.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia has intensified since the outbreak of the epidemic in China, and some senior officials of Trump and his government have repeatedly tried to throw the pot that has not been able to cope with the domestic epidemic to China. In addition to the previous stigmatization of the new crown virus as “China virus”, under groundless circumstances, many American politicians, including U.S. Secretary of state Peng Peio, constantly claimed that the new crown “the source of the epidemic is in Wuhan, China”, accusing “China did not share information in time”.
In response, Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, said at a regular press conference on May 11 that it was clear that pompeio was merely repeating lies. However, no matter how many times he repeats it, it will not change the nature of his lies, nor hinder the Chinese people’s continuous progress along the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. “We advise American politicians to put aside this deceptive trick and leave a little face for themselves,” Zhao said.