Trump warns Iran again

“If Iran attacks US bases or any Americans, we will launch some new and beautiful equipment to them, without hesitation!” in the early morning of the 5th local time, trump continued to threaten Iran. A few hours ago, he vehemently warned Iran, “if Iranians dare to attack Americans or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian targets.”
“The United States has just spent $2 trillion on military equipment. We are the largest and the best in the world! If Iran attacks US bases or any American, we will not hesitate to launch some new and beautiful equipment to them, and not hesitate to! “Trump wrote on twitter.
About 20 minutes ago, trump tweeted a tweet from Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw. Crenshaw first tweeted an interview with David Petraeus, former commander of the U.S. military and director of the Central Intelligence Agency, published in Foreign Policy magazine. Petraeus said trump could help “rebuild deterrence” by killing suleymani. He also said Sulaimani’s killing sent a clear message to the regime that the United States would not tolerate continued provocations.

Ghana Football Association announced its dissolution

According to foreign media, Ghana disbanded all coaches and technical teams of its men’s and women’s national team due to serious corruption. In recent years, Ghana football has opened up the world’s eyes because of its open and close approach. In 2018, because the president of Ghana Football Association was exposed to bribery, the Ghanaian government directly announced the dissolution of Ghana Football Association, and a new football association was established one year later. Today, the decisive attack of Ghana Football Association is also amazing.
It is estimated that seeing this news, many Chinese fans can’t help thinking about when Chinese football will come out like this. In fact, most of the fans think that the Football Association, as the competent unit of Chinese football, is responsible for the worsening of Chinese football over the years. At that time, many officials, big and small, in the Chinese Football Association, including the president of the association at that time, were defeated. All the Football Association presidents left behind are not achievements but quotations and a joke. We are all very sorry that our relevant departments did not show the courage of Ghanaian people, directly disbanded the football association and expected to welcome the unanimous support of the fans.
From the perspective of the new policies and handling styles released by the new football association leadership, the leadership of the new football association is still changing the soup and not changing the dressing. The slogans are loud, and the actual work is still in place, even backward. Basically, all the policies are in the head. The table is fixed. A pat on the thigh, it’s broken. A pat on the ass, gone.
The football association has set a 23-year-old protection clause, which is a bad idea. Players on the court don’t depend on their strength, but also on their age. 23 years old still needs protection, and there is no room for growth.
Youth training are all shouting, no one really do it, because pay more, effect is slow, in addition to the results are successors, the current who are not willing to do this brain bag thing.
There are so many changes in policy, and often only one boot is thrown, which makes every club wait for the damn second boot to fall?
Li Tie is not bad, but since we have domesticated players, why don’t we let Scolari take over as a direct successor? We can run in the team and get familiar with the team for more than half a year. For the next 12. Was it just because Scolari stood up for programmers? I can see that the script of the Russian world cup is going to be repeated!

Zhang Ziyi has two children

On January 1, 2020, Zhang Ziyi gave birth to a second child, perhaps the best gift for her new year.
How soft Zhang Ziyi is now, how sharp she used to be.
At the age of 19, Zhang Ziyi acted as Zhao Di, a rural girl in my father and mother. She had two braids of hemp. She was obviously not involved in the world, but her eyes were full of emotions.
After that, she became more and more powerful, and gradually grew into a woman warrior who could fight at any time.
When “Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon” started shooting, it was said that Zhang Yimou recommended Zhang Ziyi to Ang Lee, but Ang Lee decided to appoint new people after careful consideration. Unexpectedly, the newcomer failed to carry the training of too high intensity, temporarily quit, Zhang Ziyi just had a chance again.
Zhang Ziyi cherishes the chance of recovery. She is the most hardworking person in the cast. She is oppressed and injured, and all is gritting her teeth.
But she felt that director Ang Lee never recognized her.
“It’s not good, it’s not encouraging. He will encourage Michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun fat. Every day I can see the picture of his encouragement. I always look forward to it. Every day I’m basically going to finish ten minutes and twenty minutes late. I’ll wait. I hope the director can encourage me today, but it never happened. “
Until that day, Ang Lee held her and gave Yu Jiaolong a hug.
Later, she was known as “international chapter” and “little Gong Li”. She fought for herself with ruthlessness.
Emotional road also suffered a lot, ups and downs until Wang Feng met.
When their relationship was just exposed, because of the gap between their careers, the outside world was not optimistic, but what Zhang Ziyi was good at was to live more beautifully in a voice of saying no.

Former NBA president dies

Former NBA President David Stern has died at the age of 77, NBA officials reported. NBA stars and active players mourn stern on social media. Stern passed away, but he left behind a brilliant NBA career, left behind a scene of unforgettable star shots, left the basketball sports league to the global market business myth.
Jordan: “without you, there would be no me now.”
James: “I will never forget the moment when you called my name and I came on stage to shake hands with you. You make my dream come true. “
Kobe Bryant: “the NBA has made great progress and changes under your leadership. Thank you. R.I.P “
Curry: “I will always remember when you called my name at the draft convention, it changed my life“
Wade: “I shook hands with you on June 26, 2003, when my dream came true.”
Lillard: “I’m very sad that you have made basketball more international.”
Iverson: “sincere condolences to your family”
O’Neill: “r.ip, my David.”
Can’t count David Stern’s promotion and influence on NBA! How many young people’s lives have been changed, and the healthy ecosystem in which the alliance has been growing has been ignited with vision and ambition. What is greater than that as a leader and propaganda Ambassador? In order to let China watch the NBA, he waited for a long time downstairs on CCTV. He made basketball fans have idols and dreams. The old man went all the way! Thank you for your vision and memories for generations.

Official refutation of Wanda

On January 1, Beijing time, Dalian Wanda Group officially refuted the rumors of withdrawing its investment in a football club and withdrawing from Dalian football.
Recently, the Internet media hyped Wanda’s withdrawal of a football club and its withdrawal from Dalian football. Some self media maliciously slander Wanda for not really engaging in football, but for enterprises. In order to clarify the facts, the following statement is made:
At the beginning of 2018, the shareholders of Dalian Football Club no longer contributed to the club. According to the research and decision of Dalian City, one football club is entrusted by Dalian Football Association, and the two sides have signed a custody agreement. At this time, less than 2 weeks before the start of the Chinese Super League, the main leaders of Dalian city made a special trip to Wanda Group, proposing that Wanda Group should pay the fund needed by one football club in the current year in advance, promising to coordinate and solve several problems in the development of Dalian football in 2018, including the account of one football club that was frozen by the judiciary, the transfer of equity and the huge amount left over by the former shareholder of one side Debt issues.
In the past two years, Wanda Group has paid a huge amount of operating funds to a football club, and invested 2 billion yuan to build a football youth training center in Dalian; invested nearly 1 billion yuan to build a dozen football youth teams aged 12 to 21 with about 350 people; signed an agreement to support 10 key football primary schools in Dalian with 500 million yuan in a decade. If Wanda doesn’t really play football, can we make such a long-term layout!
However, due to various reasons, Wanda has not obtained the equity of a football club, and the problems left over by the history of the club have not been solved, even the club account can not be used. In this case, Wanda Group cannot continue to support one football club in the current way.
Wanda has built the world-class football infrastructure in Dalian, and China’s first-class youth football team also has a long-term commitment to support Dalian campus football. Therefore, Wanda will not quit Dalian football and will seek to rebuild its professional club and continue to support Dalian football.

246 native chickens are scared to death

Usually, it’s possible for people to be scared to death. Because some people have heart disease, how is it possible for chickens to be scared to death? I slowly learned that it was so.
Shou Bao
It’s a common thing to set off fireworks for longevity in rural areas. What’s strange is that there are about 100 meters around the place where fireworks are set off. It’s a chicken farm. There are more chickens. There are more than 2000 finished local chickens coming out of the market.
Those who let go of fireworks know that there will be a loud noise after the fireworks are lit. At about 9:00 p.m. on the night of fireworks, the longevity workers received a phone call. The chickens in the chicken farm next door were crushed and trampled, killing 246. It is suspected that the fireworks caused the chickens to be frightened.
Video from official microblog of Chengdu Business Daily
should we make compensation] the lawyer has a dispute on this matter. One view is that objectively speaking, fireworks are an important factor leading to the death of 246 native chickens, and the owners of chicken farms can claim compensation for part of the losses. Another view is that whether there is a connection between fireworks and the deaths of 246 native chickens needs evidence support. Fireworks cause chickens to be frightened, resulting in crushing and stampede. This is only speculation, and it can not be assumed that these two things are related.
I think that as a farm owner, engaged in the breeding industry, should be able to expect that the chicken will be frightened by fireworks, resulting in extrusion and stampede. It is very common to set off fireworks for longevity in rural areas. The owner of the site should inform the longevity people in advance not to set off fireworks. If the fireworks are still set off in advance, I think the longevity people should bear the responsibility, otherwise I think it is far fetched to bear the responsibility.
Because fireworks can be set off in the countryside, and it’s not fireworks that killed the chickens. The people who set off fireworks don’t know the specific situation of the chicken farm, and they have to consider the responsibility of the situation of the chicken farm. It’s not very scientific to give fireworks to the people who set off fireworks.
focus of netizens] should we make compensation? Let’s not argue about it first. The focus of netizens is mainly on the attitude of people who live a life after the event. People who live a life after the event say they can’t compensate for family difficulties. There’s one thing that hasn’t been mentioned before. The number of fireworks is 10 boxes. Netizens think that since 10 boxes of fireworks can be put, how can it be difficult for families to show off their wealth when holding a birthday party, they will cry for poverty here.
The author thinks that the family may also be difficult. In some rural areas, the villagers are very good at face, even if they want to borrow money, they should also do well in the banquet. Especially in the new year’s day, it’s the concentrated time to show off wealth. Many people usually save money by frugality. In the new year’s day, they are particularly extravagant, inviting friends and relatives to eat in high-end restaurants. Especially those who go out to work and earn money, when they return to the countryside, they are quite high-profile, afraid that they will be compared by others.
Spring Festival
Many netizens have commented on the bad habits, and I think it should be the above situations that I mentioned above. The author has observed many people, and found that the richer the family background, the higher the social status, the lower the profile. It’s often the people who get worse, like to brag, like to fight on the surface.
Ma Yun, the winner
The reason I think is that people who get worse often know themselves, but they are also afraid that others will not see them. So they try their best to gain face, get recognition from others, and make up for their inner self-confidence. People who get along well often don’t need other people’s approval. They are resources themselves, and social communication is resource integration. They don’t pay so much attention to face, but they tend to pay more attention to real things.

Zheng Shuang joins Beijing Spring Festival Gala

Recently, Zheng Shuang’s participation in the Beijing Spring Festival Gala has aroused heated discussion among netizens. 2019 has come to an end, and the 2020 Spring Festival Gala is coming soon. In 2020, Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi are invited to the Beijing Spring Festival gala as spokesmen. At the same time, Zhang Wei, Zheng Shuang and others join in to have a look.
Zheng Shuang joins Beijing Spring Festival Gala
On December 29, Zheng Shuang joined in Beijing Spring Festival Gala and boarded the hot search. In recent days, major TV stations have started rehearsal of Spring Festival Gala, even cross year party. When they arrive at the party, some fresh meat or flower day attract the attention of fans.
On December 28, the press conference of the 2020 Beijing Radio and Television Spring Festival Gala was held in Beijing Television.
At the press conference, Xiao Zhan not only sang the new year’s songs such as “often go home to have a look”, “sell Tangyuan”, “congratulations and get rich”, “beautiful”, but also revealed that he was more willing to go home for the new year than to meet his parents, “because I am a very traditional person.”
As for whether the Spring Festival will receive red envelopes or not, Xiao Zhan said frankly that he did not receive red envelopes after graduation, “from the first time he made money, he sent red envelopes to the younger generation.”
Another spokesperson, Yang Zi, was unable to attend due to work reasons, but specially recorded a VCR to send new year’s greetings and agreed with the audience to “see you at the beginning of the year 2020”.
It is reported that the 2020 Beijing TV Spring Festival gala will be broadcast simultaneously on Beijing Satellite TV and BTV literature and art channel at 19:30 on the first day of the Lunar New Year (January 25, 2020).
2020 is the year of gengzi mouse in the lunar calendar. It is a milestone year for the people’s Republic of China, which has gone through 70 years of wind and rain.
The 2020 Beijing platform Spring Festival gala will continue to share the splendor of the motherland, the joy of the people and the warmth of the home with the theme of “count your happiest”. It will present the audience with a “exclusive feast” that is beautiful and moving, festive and wonderful.
On the spot, Qin Zheng, the general director of Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala in 2020, revealed the first cast and highlights of the program, among which Ni Ping, Chen Peisi and Zhu Shimao, who are full of memories of the gala, will gather on Beijing TV;
Zhang Guoli, Wang Gang and Zhang Tielin, the so-called iron triangle in the Jianghu, may have another fight between monarchs and ministers;
Zhang Wei, Zheng Shuang and rocket girl 101 will also show up.
In addition, there are a group of old friends of Beijing Spring Festival Gala, such as Feng Gong, Guo Donglin and so on, who will come as promised;
Song Xiaobao met at the Beijing Spring Festival Gala in 2019 and successfully “facilitated” Lin Zhiling’s marriage. Who will he marry in 2020?
Are the elderly in spring homes able to find their own happiness in 2020?
In recent years, the Beijing platform Spring Festival Gala has created many classic nostalgic bridge sections, such as the amazing combination of Chen Chong, Liu Xiaoqing, Zhang Yu and Siqin Gaowa, as well as the warm reunion of I love my family, which have earned the audience’s tears.
It is reported that the 2020 Beijing TV Spring Festival gala will continue to give the audience a surprise link with shared good memories.
How is Zheng Shuang
From the frequent quarrels in “the love of daughters” to the rumours of breaking up, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng, who are not regarded as good friends, finally chose to end their relationship in the dispute.
However, compared with the speculation of various economic disputes on the Internet, Zheng Shuang is extremely calm.
In addition to putting himself into work wholeheartedly, Zheng Shuang also put some of the previous couple’s products on the second-hand platform and sold them at a low price.
But I never thought that in recent days, Zheng Shuang even sold her mother’s dowry directly.
She wrote on the second-hand platform: “four sets of brocade jacquard, four sets of brand-new ones, the dowry my mother bought for me, one for free, four sets of brand-new pure cotton.” At the same time, several groups of photos are attached for the buyer’s reference.
Judging from the photos, although it’s a dowry, my mother didn’t plan to celebrate it too much in bright red. Instead, it’s made of golden satin and exquisite patterns, which looks rather high-grade.
However, what may surprise Zheng Shuang’s mother is that the dowry, which was originally bought with blessing and excitement, has not only been sealed in the packaging bag, but also lies on the second-hand idle platform.
However, although it’s still a new dowry, in terms of price, Zheng Shuang only bid 3200 yuan, and in addition, a new set of four pieces of pure cotton is also attached. Think about it, the price is very affordable.
In fact, from the rumor of breaking up to selling dowries at a low price, Zheng Shuang has not only never responded positively, but now he has only replaced it with a “temporarily unavailable” sentence, which seems to be irrelevant, but it still hurts.
From his debut to now, Zheng Shuang is not only controversial, but also once labeled as “love brain”.
But a relationship, once started, will surely think of holding hands with children, will be desperate to pay, and now, things are different, only hope that the future of Shuang sister, can really meet the right person who can hold hands to the white.

Zhang Mi’s success in fighting cancer

Singer Zhang Mi’s daughter shared a group of photos and posts with her daughter on social platforms, saying: “in the past two years, she has been taking her baby at home full-time, trying to be a good mother, and at the same time, she insists on making good music, although it is difficult, and she cannot lose herself.” Some netizens asked when she got married, but she said she got married quietly. Her husband does a lot of things and is good at cooking
In addition, Zhang Mi’s daughter said that her mother has been successful in fighting cancer and is recovering. She and her uncle take care of Zhang Mi. Earlier, Zhang Mi revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer and was optimistic that she would take active treatment, which was encouraged by many netizens.
As early as November 26 this year, Zhang Mi published a paper about the late stage of cancer. After countless times of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she suffered from hair loss, dizziness, vomiting and other reactions. At the same time, she lamented that it was her family’s encouragement and company that made her have a different experience of life. Then someone familiar with the matter revealed that Zhang Mi had tonsillar cancer.
Zhang Mi has a rich love history. Before she became popular, she married her ex husband Li Baojian and gave birth to her daughter Li Luoyi. As a child, liloy was raised by her uncle. When she was 13, she didn’t know that her mother was a famous singer, Zhang Mi. In 2003, at the suggestion of her mother, 16-year-old Li Luoyi went to Beijing for development, studied vocal music at Beijing modern conservatory of music and began to enter the performing arts circle. In 2014, Roy participated in the talent show “I’m not a star” and was well known by the audience. Many netizens were moved by her bitter experience.
Zhang Mi is still fighting against the disease after she announced the advanced stage of cancer, hoping to succeed in fighting cancer. Lying in the hospital bed, she grew old in a moment, and really looked like her age, which was heartbreaking and pitiful. Fortunately, now that everything is over, Zhang Mi has finally come out, and now there is a third generation. I hope she can live a happy life.

Female teacher receives geography love letter

Some chemistry teachers make the periodic table of elements into songs, and some mathematics teachers make the last question of the sprint test paper into poems Every time I see such news, I have to sigh: it’s not easy to be a teacher these days, not only to strive for strength, but also to strive for creativity.
These days, a geography teacher in Jinhua Binhong senior high school became angry. Because she received 700 love letters in just four days.
More than 200 students
I wrote 700 love letters in two days
The teacher who received the love letter is Ding Xiaohan, the geography teacher of Binhong senior high school. The love letter comes from her senior one (9), (10), (11) and (12) classes.
In fact, “love letter” is written by Mr. Ding and requires “geographic edition”. The reason why I have this idea is that I just learned the content of geography compulsory one, and I want to combine it with interest, let the students “change from passive to active”, and read the textbook again.
At the beginning of the arrangement, Mr. Ding was not at the bottom of his mind. He was so busy with his studies. He was afraid that the students would conflict with this form of homework.
Unexpectedly, in just four days, more than 200 students have submitted 700 works, basically every student has submitted them, the most is Lin Ranran of class 10, who wrote 15 works by himself.
These “love letters” cover a wide range of knowledge, involving geography compulsory one, compulsory two, compulsory three, regional geography, and even the contents of elective modules, which are far beyond Mr. Ding’s expectation.
Take a look at some of the love letters. I don’t know anything about geography. I really can’t understand them.
You are the cold port of Vladivostok
I’m the port of Murmansk that never freezes
I keep my heart forever
Waiting for you to enter my world
This “love letter” was written by Luo Linxiang, a freshman in Grade 9, who likes geography silently. Occasionally, he comes to Mr. Ding’s office to ask some questions. The geographical knowledge covered by “love poems” is two famous ports in Russia: Vladivostok port (Vladivostok), which is affected by the cold current of thousand islands and has a long freezing period. Affected by the North Atlantic warm current, the port of Murmansk is not frozen all year round.
I was a gray limestone
One day I will be transformed into
A fine marble
Shi tianxinyu, a senior 1 (9) student with a good geographical record, handed in 10 articles in total, including the transformation among the three major rocks. Limestone metamorphism became the knowledge point of marble.
Like how you can be dignified
I want to cross like a cold front
Cloudy, windy, snowy
This song, written by Jiang Gang, a senior one (10) class, is a favorite of Mr. Ding. It is rainy, snowy and windy when cold front passes through the country, showing the feeling of “bullying” when he likes it.
Students call teachers “super baby”
Teachers are only seven years older than students
To receive so many homework, Mr. Ding himself did not expect. One of the reasons is that she is popular among her classmates.
Born in 1996, Mr. Ding graduated from Zhejiang Normal University and studied geography. He took part in the work in September this year. Now, most of these senior one students were born in 2003. In other words, Mr. Ding is only seven years older than them.
Mr. Ding has a nickname – “super baby”. This is the name of teacher Ding’s U disk. Once it was discovered by her classmates. Everyone thought it was very close to her with the head of the ball tied. Slowly the nickname spread.
“Every student is a warm individual. When they like school and geography from the heart, they will feel the joy of active learning.” In order to improve the students’ enthusiasm for learning, Mr. Ding has not spared no effort. In addition to this “love letter”, she once printed out a black-and-white world map for students to fill in colors. “At that time,” secret garden “color filling was very popular. Imitate it and remember the world climate distribution while playing.”
This time, the students wrote “love letters”, and Mr. Ding could not be idle. She specially bought many blank postcards from the Internet, and was going to choose some “love letters” to make pictures and print them. These star postcards will be presented to her classmates as New Year gifts.

China Southern Airlines exits Tianhe Alliance

China Southern Airlines announced its exit from Trina alliance.
On December 24, China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. announced that China Southern Airlines would complete the transition work from Trina on December 31, 2019, and formally withdraw from Trina from January 1, 2020.
According to the announcement, China Southern Airlines will continue to maintain the original code sharing cooperation with the airlines of Tianhe alliance through bilateral cooperation, and with Xiamen Airlines, Air France, Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Airlines, Korean Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Czech Airlines, Air China, Vietnam Airlines, Europa airlines, Argentine airlines, Italian Airlines, Russian Airlines Saudi Airlines continues to maintain frequent passenger cooperation. Members of China Southern Airlines Pearl Club will continue to enjoy mileage accumulation, exchange and elite member service rights and interests when they take the above Tianhe alliance partner flights.
At the same time, since January 1, 2020 (included), China Southern Airlines officially launched the service brand of “China Southern Airlines enjoy CZ priority”, replacing “skypriority of Trina Solar”, ensuring that the rights and interests of gold and silver card members of China Southern Airlines and elite / Elite Plus members of above Trina alliance partners when they take flights of China Southern Airlines remain unchanged, including priority check-in, priority baggage, priority boarding and VIP Lounge And so on.
Previously, based on the needs of its own development strategy and the new trend of the global air transport industry cooperation mode, on November 15, 2018, China Southern Airlines decided not to renew the membership agreement of Tianhe alliance since January 1, 2019, and completed the transition work in 2019.
In addition to the Tianhe alliance partners, China Southern Airlines has accelerated the expansion of the global “circle of friends” and carried out bilateral code sharing cooperation with American Airlines, British Airways, Finland airlines, Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Qantas airlines, Japan Airlines, etc. passengers can travel to and from major cities around the world through China Southern Airlines and its partners. China Southern Airlines and American airlines have carried out all-round cooperation with frequent flyers since March 20, 2019, signed a joint venture agreement with British Airways on December 17, 2019, and the cooperation with frequent flyers will also be launched in June 2020.
The announcement shows that the above-mentioned business decisions are not expected to have a significant impact on the company’s production and operation. Please pay attention to the investment risks.
On the evening of December 24, China Southern Airlines announced that it would complete the transition work from Trina on December 31, 2019, and formally withdraw from Trina from January 1, 2020.
This means that at present, only 8 days (including December 24) are left before China Southern Airlines officially quits the alliance, and the transition work of one year’s quitting is coming to an end, and China Southern Airlines is about to usher in “freedom”.
Aviation alliance emerged in the 1990s, and overseas airlines successively established Star Alliance, oneworld and SkyTeam alliance. Air China took the lead in joining the Star Alliance in 2007, followed by China Southern and China Eastern Airlines.
It is generally agreed by the aviation alliance that the airlines of the alliance and its members will enter and operate in the same terminal in the main airport, share airport facilities, such as check-in counter, luggage facilities, transfer counter, lounge and office area, and share route network and parking space.
On the route network, establish a coordinated regular flight, a single ticket can take the flights of other airlines in the alliance, and strive to coordinate the service quality of passengers.
Aviation alliance is a very close way of cooperation, which not only brings convenience to cooperation, but also has exclusive binding force on all alliance members.
In recent years, many industry voices have pointed out that to some extent, the aviation alliance has also restricted its members’ free international cooperation.
After announcing its withdrawal from the alliance in November last year, China Southern Airlines obviously accelerated its cooperation with other alliance members. For example, since March 20, 2019, China Southern Airlines has carried out comprehensive cooperation with American Airlines on frequent flyers. On December 17, 2019, China Southern Airlines signed a joint cooperation agreement with British airways. The frequent flyer cooperation will also be launched in June 2020.
However, despite the withdrawal, the friendship between the old allies is still there.
China Southern said that through bilateral cooperation, China Southern will continue to maintain the original code sharing cooperation with the member airlines of Trina, and maintain frequent passenger cooperation with Xiamen Airlines, Air France, Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Airlines, Korean Airlines and other members of Trina.
In addition, the rights and interests previously enjoyed by passengers of China Southern Airlines in Trina alliance airlines can continue to be used.
Retreat from the alliance and keep making contact with China Southern Airlines to bypass China Eastern Airlines and restructure “Tianhe partner”
After nearly a year of “transition period”, China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Southern Airlines”) has finally reached the moment to say goodbye to Trina.
I don’t know whether to choose deliberately. On Christmas Eve, December 24, the most important traditional festival in the west, China Southern Airlines announced the news of “breaking up” with SkyTeam alliance.
China Southern Airlines said in the announcement that it would complete the transition work of leaving Trina Solar alliance from December 31, 2019, and formally withdraw from Trina Solar alliance from January 1, 2020.
However, the withdrawal does not mean the interruption of the cooperation relationship. In the announcement, China Southern Airlines stressed that the company continues to maintain the original code sharing cooperation with the member airlines of SkyTeam through bilateral cooperation, and with the member airlines of SkyTeam Xiamen Airlines, Air France, Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Airlines, Korean Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Czech Airlines, China Airlines, Vietnam Airlines and Europa Airlines, Argentina airlines, Italian Airlines, Russian Airlines and Saudi Airlines (collectively referred to as “SkyTeam partners”) continue to maintain frequent flyer cooperation.
It is worth noting that the 14 “partners of Tianhe alliance” do not include China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Eastern Airlines”), which means that China Eastern Airlines will become one of the few in Tianhe alliance