Love is a dream in a dream

Before I was still alive, I lived in a hospital once, not because I was too good to get sick, but because I took some medicine for minor illness or improved exercise, I could resist the growth of the disease. Of course, at least now I have not found that I have a terminal illness that I have to treat, so I am far away from hospitalization. And I’m afraid of the pale ward and the severe doctors who are suffering from some occupational diseases.
I remember the hospitalization experience, there are many perspectives, at least let me know that my cooking or foreign level, so I learned a lot of cooking technology, especially pay attention to what to eat can increase the income of the hospital. I remember that there were many guests at home. In order to show that I was a good reader in the hall but definitely not in the kitchen, I said that when my mother cooked the last dish, I would let them try my best dish, dry chopped kidney beans. The reason is that I have eaten fresh and crisp kidney beans, and know how to make it, that is, put some sauces in the pot and mix them randomly for a few times to produce delicious dishes. That dish came out instantly in my theory. During the meal, some friends also teased you that your dish seemed not cooked, and you would be poisoned if you ate it. I don’t think so. I don’t want my dish to laugh at my technology on the table alone. So I almost finished the dish of my work by myself. The mouth also said that it was very fragrant and fragrant, in fact, I also ate more green and astringent original taste than others fried, perhaps closer to the natural taste.
At noon nap, I didn’t realize that the effect of unripe kidney beans was more effective than any medicine. Just an hour before I fell asleep, I felt the alarm of civil war ringing in my stomach, and then the flames of war were flying. Then the debris was thrown out of my mouth, not only kidney beans, but also other substances. Fortunately, at noon, the family gathered and the fighting in the gut woke them up. Otherwise, I would not have had the chance to go to the hospital where all of my doctors were unemployed. I would go directly to the cold and dark morgue, and it would be more likely to be the fuel of the crematorium in one step. My family rushed me up to the taxi. I was dizzy, as if I was running with the taxi, shaking and everything out of the window was blurred and crashing against the window. When I arrived at the hospital, I didn’t forget to give the taxi some reward in my mouth. As a result, my father gave me 10 yuan more money. The taxi driver said that the cleaning fee was discounted. The original car washing fee was 5 yuan. Look at him,,,,,,,,,,,, I heard the driver’s words and saw his hand pointing at me. I understand that if he doesn’t go on, look at me. If that happens, he’ll have to hang up red firecrackers. In sum, we have made a lot of discounts.
When I got out of the taxi, there was very little left in my stomach. Only the blood that had not yet clotted was found. The two outlets had been forced to close down. The only one was the upper mouth. Wow, there was another noise at the hospital gate. The blood standing in my stomach was not red but yellow. The crowded hospital entrance suddenly gave way as a welcome. The guard of SARS was only a white mask replaced by yellow, fat, thin, old and tender hands. I heard a sentence that made me wish that the blood in my stomach would turn into a dragon spray and bite the person who spoke fiercely. The man said that when I drank like this, it seemed that both the winery and the hospital would increase production.
When you enter the emergency room, it’s a place of fear. The room is much bigger than the general ward. It may be that people who are easy to enter need to go out sideways and the doors are double-opened. I lay in a sickbed where I didn’t know how many people had died from sleep on their electrocardiograms. It was like a corpse was thrown into the wolves quickly, and a few people in white coats came in an instant, without saying a word, putting some tubes on my head and chest. In my trance, I could only hear my mother anxiously asking the doctor, but the doctor seemed to be used to seeing the dead but hated the living instead of paying attention to her anxieties. After a while, she said indifferently that the greatest comfort that a mother might fear most was that her white hair sent her black hair: there was no danger of life, that is, food poisoning, she had to wash her stomach. In fact, the things in my stomach have disappeared. Even when I opened my mouth, only the breath of the battlefield left behind. My mind is becoming clearer and clearer. At least I can see that it is men and women who push me in front of my chest. I said: I’m much better now. Can I not wash my stomach? I was afraid of being robbed in my stomach and being hit hard again. Of course, I was afraid that now that I was awake, the pain would be blatant. Who do you listen to? Listen to the doctor. Father said in a stern voice. Listen to the patient. A doctor nearby said, “If you don’t wash your stomach, you’ll be hospitalized for transfusion.” When I listened to the infusion, my pore stood up, which reminded me of a lingering heart palpitation caused by infusion.
It was a national celebration of the National Day, cold is not willing to be lonely, ran to me to celebrate. On National Day night, several students came to my home to spend time, mainly to see the feat of fireworks. But when the fireworks sounded over the city, I was surrounded by a cold virus. I wanted to go to the hospital for treatment, but I was afraid I didn’t see the festive day and said I was not patriotic, so I asked the students to go downstairs to the small clinic and call a doctor to show me. In fact, I have no idea about the clinic (I don’t know if it is qualified to practise medicine). I just saw a lot of children and old people there when I passed by. I think I should not say that I am skilled in medicine, but I also have some fame. The girl who came to see me was a little sister about my size who did not know whether it was a doctor or a nurse. After giving me a pulse for a while, she took out the infusion bottle and put on a long syringe. When I saw the syringe, I was wondering if the clinic was a veterinary clinic. But still obediently let that little girl with a rubber tube tightly wrapped around my wrist, instant palm pain, blue veins burst out. With the tip of the needle, the little sister located a position and plunged in. It was not the medicine that could flow in the eye of the needle, but the red blood. The little sister pulled out. I’m sorry, but I didn’t find the right vessel. Her smile is much more accurate than looking for blood vessels. If it doesn’t burn, I will be angry. She pricked several times in succession. I don’t know how many bloodholes my hand has had. I dare not look at her face. I stared at her face all the time. At last, I felt that her face and my hand might be the same. I was nauseated, dizzy, and black in front of my eyes. I said: I can’t. And then it’s paralyzed. This scare, the younger sister also panicked hands and feet, quickly took back the needle tube, said: to the hospital. Luck is not bad. In addition to girls, there are several strong boys who come to my home to play. That’s why I must bring boys when I play later. I rush downstairs with my back. I remember a girl’s shoes for me. But when I came to the hospital, I saw slippers and sneakers on one side. I live on the fourth floor and go through an alley where taxis seldom visit me. The boy who carries me can’t afford to waste the time of changing people, so he runs to the place where there is a car in one breath. Strangely, I don’t know how to get to the hospital, but I can hear people who see me say: This man drank too much. It seems that wineries and hospitals in the world should be a production line. When I arrived at the hospital, I said I was sick with needles. It was no big problem. I paid some emergency expenses, took some medicine and went home. That little sister didn’t cure my cold, but she gave me another symptom: fainting needle.
Busy work pressure, tired body and mind, let Xiaoya finally unsustainable. That day, she fainted in the office and was sent to the hospital by her colleagues. The result of the examination was anemia caused by long-term malnutrition. The doctor told Xiaoya to pay attention to diet and increase nutrition, and adjust it for a few days. She laughed bitterly and said she had nothing to do.
When Xiaoya dragged her weak and tired body out of the hospital, it was evening. She was walking in the street with neon lights flickering. When she watched the warmth of thousands of lights revealing her home, her heart filled with pains. She did not know whether she should go back to the home where no one was waiting. On the crowded street, she is like a lonely passer-by, more like a dust floating in the air, without any reliance, no place to fall.
Haggard and helpless, she called Su Run. She didn’t tell him about her illness, but said you could go home and have dinner with me. Su Run’s: “Xiao Ya don’t make trouble. When I graduate, please have a big meal.” Suddenly she felt a little cold, like a lake, and instantly a thin layer of ice formed. She began to re-examine whether the man who had promised her would give her happiness, or the Su Run who had not let her suffer a little grievance? I remember when I was in college, Su Run was sick for two days and two nights without sleeping. He held her tightly in his arms with warm and powerful arms and took care of Xiao Ya inch by inch. Feed her a spoonful of the good soup in her mouth. Su Run’s eyes were filled with love and tenderness. Seeing Xiaoya’s body getting better gradually, he smiled happily and was as innocent as a child. In memory, Su Run’s gentle smile slowly blurred in tears and drifted away.
Xiaoya in gradually cold love, ushered in a warm spring. Looking at the world full of vitality, little Yaduo thought that his love was also revived in the spring blossom. The passion of love melted her again. My heart’s longing rose to the top again. Xiaoya thought that in a few months, Su Run would graduate. Su Run should fulfill his promise to become the only bride in his life, pure and happy bride.
It’s time to come. After all, it caught people off guard.
On that day, she called Su Run indirectly at work. Su Run never calls her when she is working, which surprises Xiao Ya and overwhelms her with unknown feelings. Su Run in the telephone hesitated for half a day, and finally said stiffly, “Xiaoya, let’s break up!” I have already set up the procedure of studying abroad. I will pay you back twice after your money. Sorry! Before hanging up the phone, Xiaoya heard a girl’s voice called Su Run, which was so tender as she had once called her beloved Su Run.
How did Xu Xiaoya not think that all his efforts could not withstand the power of reality? Su Run may not have confidence in their future, and do not want to pay too much hardship, so he chose a shortcut to the other side of a happy life. Xiaoya understands Su Run’s ideas, but can’t accept the fact. She is confused, this love, like her pink dream, once so warm, but so short.
Her complete despair, despair like a sharp knife, deeply hurt Xiaoya’s heart. The pain, hovering into a dark tunnel, can not see a glimmer of light. The feeling of hopelessness makes her heart ache like an invisible hand, stripping her heart and burning it. Watching their hard-built love castle collapse, the flower of love withered instantly, becoming a despondent plant, all the beauty has become gray, colorless, lifeless. Xiaoya stretches her cold finger to the frame placed at the bedside to gently touch the smiling face of Su Run in the photo. What the fingertips convey is the relentless cold of glass. Thin glass, they were isolated, life can not hold hands.
Xiaoya slowly picked up the photos, stroked their once sweet group photos with tears over and over, then gently pulled out the photos, bit by bit, tore them apart, thrown them behind her to say goodbye to their love.
In the bright spring sun, Xiaoya welcomes the bitter winter of love.
Xiaoya curled up on the bed, looked at the fragments of photos scattered on the ground, and cried and fell asleep. She still had that sweet dream.
She realized that dream again: the winding road at the village entrance, the pink peach blossom forest beside the road, the Su Run waving to her at dawn, Xiao Ya ran quickly, and she was late for class… Dream of endless sea, blue sky, golden soft beach sprinkled with beautiful rose petals. Su Run, dressed in groom’s clothes, came to her with a smile and gently took a ring to her hand. Quietly say, “Xiaoya, I love you! Marry me!” The joyful laughter and blessings of the family reverberate around with the white and fine waves…