Stray dog

I remember one time after breakfast, my mother and I went for a walk in the central square. There are so many people in the square. Parents lead children everywhere. Old people take advantage of the early morning sun to do morning exercises slowly. Others are wandering around with their favorites. Not far away, I saw a small figure, wandering alone, the sad figure in the crowd seems incompatible, more eye-catching.
This is the first time I have seen it. It is a dog, a stray dog, a dog without owner. It has a yellow hair, dirty, messy, as if it had not been cared for for a long time, it hung two ears, took a difficult step, limped, limped, as if a leg was lame by others. Sometimes it wandered, sometimes it lay on the ground and looked up at the sky. It had no glare in its eyes.
I stared at it for a long time and found a strange phenomenon: whenever it saw a pedestrian passing, it would quickly follow up, and then circle around him, while turning and sniffing, as if looking for something, but each time the result seemed to let it disappointed, so sadly lying back to its original place, if another person passed, it would repeat before. Steps, but always disappointed, but it did not give up, still there, waiting for the arrival of the next person. In such a lively crowd, in such an empty place, it lay alone in the middle of the square, more lonely. I can’t help thinking of a sentence: “Loneliness is the revelry of a group of people.”
Sometimes, when I saw him behind others, they saw such a dirty dog with a disgusting expression on his face. Then they shouted at him and tried to drive the “plague” away. Some people even kicked him hard. Only one heard the dog bark sadly, two loud barks, and then went back to his original place. His eyes seemed to be flooded with tears. The sad face, the expression also appears more sad, pitifully looking at the passing pedestrians, eager to wait for that long-awaited person, eager to be given a little care and love, but the reality is always cruel, everything goes against one’s wishes.
The second time, when my mother and I went for a walk in the square again, I saw it again. This time, it seems more haggard and sad than before. It may have been hungry, and its body seems to be getting thinner and thinner. I don’t know if it has not eaten for a long time. At this time, a fat little boy stepped on the skateboard and passed by. He was holding two meat buns in his hand. He accidentally dropped one on the ground. He saw the bun on the ground and sighed. He could not eat it. So he picked up the meat bun and threw it into the trash can. The poor stray dog saw it and dragged its limping body towards the trash can. Yes, it went to the garbage can, I think: it may always rely on the leftovers in the garbage can to support it, a hungry meal, maybe occasionally there will be one or two good-hearted people to give it something to eat, really pitiful. Unfortunately, this “delicious” was also stared at by other big dogs. The big dog yelled at the little dog. The thin dog could not grab the strong dog and ran away. It was really a world of jungle!
Seeing this scene, I was distressed by it, thinking: I don’t know who is so cruel to throw a puppy down, let it lead such a difficult life. Maybe this lame leg was interrupted or bullied by a big dog. I told this to my mother, who said, “This dog must have been abandoned here by his master. The dog is such a loyal animal that he will not leave his master. It is really touching that he has been waiting here silently for his master to come back.”
I thought to myself: In rural areas, dogs are usually needed to visit the home nursing home. There are not many loyal animals like dogs. Every day the dog will guard the owner’s everything, with dogs, even thieves dare not approach, throughout the year, whether it is cold winter or hot summer, the dog will always accompany the owner around, do not abandon. Dogs are the most faithful good friends of human beings. They will accompany you and make you happy. No matter what, you can’t let them down or abandon them.
I couldn’t bear to see such a scene, so I said to my mother, “Mom, let’s buy two meat buns for the dog to eat. It probably doesn’t know what meat tastes like.” Mother agreed. I came to the dog with two meat buns. He saw me and meat buns. His eyes were bright. He ate like he had not eaten in a year, chewing carefully, but at the same time, he was alert to whether there would be other animals around to grab his delicious food. After eating, he licked his mouth with his tongue. Happiness came so suddenly that the delicious steamed buns made it taste endless. It wags its tail and looks at me gratefully…
After the dog was abandoned by its owner, it became a tragic stray dog, but this stray dog has been waiting for the owner to come back in situ, regardless of the wind and rain, sun and rain, has been stuck here, if hungry, go to the garbage can to dig things to eat, so difficult days do not know how it spent, probably this is the so-called belief.
Small animals are also a life, they can not abandon us, why can’t we? I just want to appeal to the whole society: to love small animals is our human responsibility!