left behind children

In 2019, after the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival was ushered in. Today is the first day after Yuan Zhenyuan. Several neighbors have to go outside to work. If they are single, they are still married. If they have children, they will leave their children after the holiday. People go to work in the field and come back once a year. Just like the neighbors Zhang Da Ge and Zhang Dazhao, they usually come back two days before the end of the Spring Festival at the end of the year. The family left a four-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter to bring to the grandmother.

This time, their sons and daughters don’t even know their parents, come back once a year? How many days and three hundred and sixty-five days a year? How can a small child remember the way Mom and Dad look. Usually, Grandma takes them. Their world is only a grandmother. As for mom and dad, they are listening to their grandmother’s mouth, and their parents are a symbol to their two children. Like a table chair, it’s no exaggeration. It’s hard to come back for ten days, and I’m so close, I’m finally going to call my mom and dad, and I’m leaving today.

As a neighbor, I also followed them to send them. I saw Zhang Da Ge and his wife holding a child in their hands, and Grandma followed the station. Their husband and wife are in abundance. When the car is about to open, the children are still unwilling to let go of their parents’ hands and keep yelling: Dad, Mom, don’t go! Zhang Da Ge broke free of the child’s hand and helped Zhang Dazhen with one hand. Zhang Dazhao always kept tears. I know that they are reluctant to leave the children. In this situation, anyone who sees it will not be able to bear it. Until the car drives away, the children are still crying. I help the grandmother bring the children back, and the tears follow the sputum. I think Zhang Da Ge’s husband and wife must be sad in the car.

This is the left-behind child! In fact, I know that Zhang Da Ge and his wife are only going to take this road in order to make more money, but if they have to use one year to see the children to change, the cost is too great. I also know that there are a lot of left-behind children in the world. Their parents are like the neighbors Zhang Da Ge and his wife. For the sake of economy, they have left their homes, and their children have a common title, “left-behind children.” I am not them, I have no way to influence their ideas, but I am also fortunate that I have not done like them, so my children can be with me every day. Maybe they earn more than me, maybe they are richer than me, but I don’t regret it. At least I didn’t make my children a left-behind child. I firmly believe that spiritual poverty is more terrible than material poverty. For the children, the spiritual stay is actually more terrible. For children, I believe that parents’ love, parents can grow up with them, compared to materially giving them more, I think many children will choose the former.

I don’t know if I said the right thing? I hope that other parents will go out to work, and let their children become left-behind children, and think about what the children need! Childhood is only one time for a person, and it is unique. It is impossible to come back. I think more children need parents who are growing up with them and need to grow up. They need to have parents when they are reading and writing. The guidance and needs of the side is to remember the memories of having a father and mother to play together when they grow up. With this article, respect the parents of more left-behind children. When you leave your home and leave your child home once a year, please think twice before thinking about whether there is a better way and a more comprehensive approach!