Visit the Aboriginal Cultural Village

In the afternoon, we came to the reception of the Cultural Village and saw many colorful English letters painted in colorful ink on the house. On the two pillars in front of the house, there are also colored animals, indigenous people, and back to the standard…

At this time, there was a long line in front of the house. I thought, “Hey? You have to queue up when you enter the house? What are they doing?” I looked at it, Mom! A man and a woman are painting on the faces of the students there! The men painted orange paint for the students, and the women painted white paint for the students. I used to stand in the orange-painted team, and then quickly stood in the team painted in white paint. Because I think white oil paint is more into the skin. When it was my turn, the blond big sister painted four points and two bars on my face. Suddenly, I became a big face!

Walking into the house, a pungent smell of paint rushed. The surrounding walls are covered with shields, spears, indigenous people, animals… even the roof has not been missed.

Then we walked out of the house and came to the grass. A “beer belly” uncle has been waiting there with two bouncers. Oh! It turned out that he taught us to throw back the back darts! He first took a big pull back with his right hand, shook it in his hand, then picked up his arm and throw it outward. The bouncer flew forward, flew far, and spun from time to time, then it slowly rotated back and flew back, and on the way back, it suddenly fell to the ground.

After learning to fly back to the force dart, we went to the hospitality room and sat down.

Yeah! It turns out that we have to draw a back here! The two blond big sisters are giving us back the unreturned darts, but each of them has a black ink painted animal. I got a little black duck on the back button.

The table in front of us was filled with oil sticks and small sticks for painting. I started to draw.

I first smashed a little red paint with a small stick and painted it in the middle of the back-dart, that is, around the duck. I suddenly thought: it’s too time-consuming and time-consuming to paint with a small stick, but it’s not as good as a finger! So I dropped the stick, rubbed a little red paint with my fingers, and spread it around the duck. Then I picked up the stick and took a little light blue paint. I was at the junction of the duck and the red paint. Got a little bit. After the point, I found that the duck had no wings, but there was no black ink at the moment, so I used my fingers to paint a duck with a blue oil paint.

Among the four indigenous people, there was a brown-haired boy, a curly aunt, who wore ordinary people’s clothes, but their faces were painted with oil. The other two uncles were only wearing turf skirts, and the rest of the body was painted with oil paint. They were thin and tall, and they looked like a “skinny monkey.” Another fat person is not very tall. At this time, we suddenly recognized the fat male native – he is the “beer belly” uncle who taught us to fly back to the dart. “Beer belly” took out a flat, wide and long stick, and the stick was painted with an indigenous totem. He waved in front of us with a stick. “Skinny Monkey” carries an instrument that the indigenous people blow – the scorpion. While rubbing his feet, he slammed the floor with a scorpion. The “beer belly” also clap his hands while clapping his hands and swaying. The little boy and the aunt used two totems with a totem and a bouncer to beat each other to help them beat the rhythm. After a while, the music stick made of hollow wood was blown, and after blowing it, it made a wonderful squeak, and it was like the call of an elf. Then, “Leather Monkey”, “Beer Belly”, the little boy and the aunt, danced together. They cramped, akimbo, and then clap their hands. Then, they also invited the audience under the stage to go on stage to jump together. Two-thirds of the people went up. I didn’t go up because the “skinny monkey” was holding a puff-like thing and adding white oil and white powder to the faces of the people on the stage. Ark, Jiang Qianhui, and Xu Xiaoying all struggled to run behind other people, and they didn’t want to have their faces painted with white oil and white powder. A tour guide held down the Ark, Jiang Qianhui and Xu Xiaoyu fled. As a result, the face of the ark was painted as white as a ghost. When the “skinny monkey” is no longer painted, I will go up and follow. The content of the jump is very simple, with the rhythm of tapping the music, clap your feet. The whole house is boiling. Dancing, cheering, taking pictures, people are happy.