Everyone is a “wood man”

“We are all wood people, can’t say, can’t laugh, can’t call, can’t move…” Today we are going to have a “wooden man” competition. Listening to the words “wood man”, my heart beats faster. This game, I have never played since the big class. Today, listening to the teacher said that I want to play “wood man”, my heart smiles coldly. Hey, want to win me? no way. I am playing the “wooden person” expert, this title, but everyone agrees. Today, you are waiting for the “take”, haha!

“We are all wood people, can’t say, can’t…” We sang and danced again, and “walked the show” on the “stage.” Get started, get started! I am thinking in my heart. In fact, the teacher shouted: “Begin!” Just scared me, and I forgot all the thoughts. At this time, I suddenly returned to God. Quickly find a place where you can face everyone, make a face and try to stay away: “Luo × ×.” Who told him to leak the secret, hehe! Just don’t let him touch me.

what! Why didn’t everyone laugh? I took a look at the “Sheng XX” closest to me. It turned out that although she was facing me, her eyes were fixed on a pot of flowers next to me. She made a running position as if she was running fast. But she is like being locked by magic. Look at me! Look at me! Hey, how can the “wood man” speak? I had to swallow my words back to my mouth. I secretly took a look at “Hu Xx.” He is like a scarecrow and has nothing to look at. Haha! He is watching me! I also quickly looked at him. Smile! Smile! Although he stared at me without looking at it, he was still serious and serious. Ugh! Why are you so serious when playing games?

However, the most “attractive” to me is still “Luo X”. I saw him open his hand again, and put it on his face, his teeth facing the tiger. His face was close to Hu X, as if he had to eat him. I thought that Hu X will be willing to laugh, but he turned a blind eye to the things around him, like a blind person. Luo × × left and right, hope to attract everyone’s attention. But no one but me is watching him. Suddenly, Luo X× “snapped” and laughed out. When I saw it, I was happy. I laughed and didn’t have a good posture. At this time, the tense atmosphere ended in an instant, but the teacher said: “The game is not over yet! Quickly, quickly set the original posture!” At this time, I spit out my tongue, both hands put the eyelids The appearance is hard to pull down, trying to make more laughs at the last stage.

Time passed by, and the “cold-blooded animals” did not want to laugh. Smile! Smile! I pray in my heart. But they don’t seem to know how to laugh, never laugh, all of them are like living sculptures, there is always only one movement, one expression.

“Stop!” The teacher announced that the game is over. At this time, some students sighed with a sigh of relief. It turned out that he had been suffocating all the time. Some students had a relaxed look, as if they would hold him for a day without being tired; some students and even the whole person were kneeling on the ground. I can’t climb up.

“Ginger is still old and spicy!” The past glory is just the past. In a burst of laughter, we ended the game and made me understand that persistence is victory!