Love hidden in a canteen

“The fried chicken nuggets came up, and the brothers and sisters shared a portion as they did when they were young. The elder brother first clips to the younger sister. Eating chicken nuggets at night and chewing slowly is like chewing your life for more than twenty years. When I saw Mr. Abe Yelang write this passage in “Late Night Canteen”, my first reaction was to think of my “Late Night Canteen”.
Late night belongs to loneliness, the canteen surprises us. Late at night with the canteen, warm healing and sweet. Late at night, I was connected to my mother’s small canteen.
After entering junior high school, the pressure doubled, and every day struggled with a variety of problems, more and more serious dark circles, deep sockets into the eye sockets, they also developed the habit of hunchback. By all accounts, I should be thinner and thinner, but now I have more than ninety kilograms. Well, it’s not without proof that I have to eat every day when I go home from self-study at night. It’s uncomfortable not to eat my stomach. Sometimes the stomach is like a bottomless hole, and one can finish the rice cooker. And these delicacies come from my mother’s “late night canteen” and “small canteen” prepared for me alone.
Mother’s “small canteen” is rich in variety, all kinds of meat, delicious and homely, warm and healing, there is a taste of love. That’s the meal my mother left for me. It’s kept warm in the rice cooker. I’m waiting for self-study next night to taste it. Occasionally when there is no food left, my mother will “open a small stove” for me, cook a large bowl of noodles, dumplings or handwriting. She would not eat with me, nor would she watch me eat, just like a late-night canteen, eating alone in the dead of night.
I remember a few days by mom Tucao slot legs, fat, canceled my small cafeteria. I wanted to cry without tears, but I had no choice. I really didn’t want to eat when I came home that night. “Why don’t you eat?” I wondered. “You said you wouldn’t let me eat.” “I want you to eat less.” With that, my mother gave me a big bowl of rice.
“Mum, it’s too much.”
It’s true that they all come to the fore. But her mother said nothing, but also gave herself a bowl. That night we were speechless, but each of us had his own thoughts. The night was very quiet, only our respective chewing sound, swallowing the food in our mouth, feeling that our hearts were mixed.
Later, we all cried. It was the crisis of parents’feelings that happened in those days. Mother was almost haggard all night. She was silent and now she talks less. However, she showed nothing, still took care of me as usual, but for the first time, I found that in my small canteen, mother’s love for me has always been hidden.
Cai Yani once wrote in One Man’s Diet: “Chili powder is her amulet, bless her to go to the ends of the world, even if she encounters a little unhappiness in life, can be timely comforted.” Similarly, the same is true of mom’s “cafeteria”. In the middle of the night, a meal with the greatest and simplest love can drive away all unhappiness and loneliness and gentle late at night.
A person should also eat well, a person should live delicately and warmly! Food has beyond imagination healing power, it can fill your stomach, more can cure your loneliness.
I hope that my friends, like me, can taste a food hidden in love late at night, can taste the warmth, as for your loneliness and sadness.