Be yourself once again

If a person lives in a mask, then he is not living, and life will not be happy as a dead person. One just lives for the sake of family business, and will not be happy. Even if the business is prosperous, it will not be 广州桑拿happy. If you follow the road paved by others, you will not be happy.
I was a child of a wealthy family when I was young. I lived for my family’s career when I was young. Many things could not be chosen by myself. From childhood to adulthood, the results have been excellent, from childhood, there are no friends, and no one wants to make friends with me. Because I was born in Taekwondo, everybody hides, maybe they are afraid.
A person’s life always has constant surprises – she is a transfer student, she and everyone in the school is special, the results are good, soft and weak, looks like a good bully ah! Just transferred to the new school was bullied, really what to say! Very mildew ah! As the heir of Taekwondo can not see death or save ah! I really can’t see it anymore, someone nearby shouted: “Road see no justice, pull out a knife to help, ah… I fought with you.”I should have thought of the result. Soon I was kicked out and had to leave the horse by myself. After a while, they all fled in the wilderness. It took her a long time to recover. We just looked at each other and went back to class. I didn’t expect that she and I were in the same class. Usually I don’t talk very much, but she likes to talk to me, and over time, we become good friends and friends. We like to eat together and have snacks…
College Entrance Examination is coming soon. I don’t know where to go to college. When I was hesitant, my father had chosen it for me. Every time my father decides everything for me, but this time I don’t want to. I grew up, I am not your doll. I don’t want to be at your mercy. I don’t want to live with the mask you gave me. I have been living with the mask you gave me from childhood to adulthood. I am tired and I don’t want to wear it anymore. Can you let me choose for myself once? When I summon up the courage to say these words and change 桑拿广州them, I need to know the trouble that will bring me. Then it began to rain cats and dogs, lightning and thunder. My father was angry and said, “Okay, when I grow up, I won’t obey you.” He threw the glass on the floor and made me kneel. Our blood was reflected in the flash. Mother “advised me to apologize to my father.” I don’t. I have my own idea. I’m no longer a child. I don’t like the way you play with my life. I listen to you from childhood to adulthood, but this time I can’t. From childhood to adulthood, I have no friends, only she and I are friends, I do not want to lose. My father always agreed with me at my insistence.
When I got to school, I didn’t know how to talk to her. She just said, “Why are you doing this? I’m not worth it like you.” I grew up 桑拿佛山without friends. You are the first one. I don’t want to lose you. A true friend is not an episode of life, but a permanent confidant. I will remember this friendship between you and me. You know that friendship does not fade with time, nor does it grow with space. And I’m tired of being at the mercy of others.
Life is its own business, at the mercy of others, wearing a mask is to ask for trouble. Life is a matter of choosing by oneself, rather than taking the road paved by others.