Mom, I want to tell you

I don’t like to call it “mom”, but like to call it “mom”, I think this can better express my love for you.
Mom, do you know? You are like that big tree, when there is a storm, give me shelter, so that I don’t feel like a helpless bird at a广州桑拿 loss. Like the sunshine of that spring, it always shines selflessly to me, not to let me have a trace of darkness and loneliness, but also like the beautiful boundless prairie, always shocked my heart. Let me feel the broad mind all the time.
Since I crawled to the ground, you have a heavy burden on your mother. You have to give me milk powder, and drink the best milk powder. You work harder and overtime than before. When I can murmur with you and call you “mom”, I can imagine that your smile must be as brilliant as chrysanthemum. When I can twist and stumble, you are always with me step by step, because photos can testify! When I can read aloud in class with my backpack, you are always early at the school gate, with my favorite food in hand, always using the familiar voice for the first time. Between shouts I: “Son, mother is here!” At that time you know Mom, you are my all, is my God! I grew up day by day, night, in the bedding always tell me some stories, let me know from there what is good and evil, know what is beautiful and ugly, know what efforts, know what is what. Love is selfless. But in my impression, why didn’t you tell me about the wolf? Mom, you’re afraid to frighten me, aren’t you? Hey hey.
Mom, remember the time when I was 8深圳桑拿网 years old? I went to Songshan with my eldest aunt. On the mountain, I only looked at the bustling crowds, the interesting things on both sides of the road, and the steps that seemed endless. I didn’t know where to go. There were fewer and fewer people. I couldn’t find my eldest aunt back. You heard the news. You’re working on “I don’t know until I hear people talk about it”. You went mad and begged the driver to come to Songshan as fast as you could. Mom! I don’t know how the rugged goat intestine path, the dog-teeth rocks, the interlaced branches and the vast night can’t stop you from climbing to the top of the mountain? When you heard that I was in the桑拿广州 crew’s duty room on the top of the mountain, when you first saw me, you hugged me like an old hen, holding me all over. In my arms, I feel, I feel your tears, I feel your heart beat!
Mom, sometimes I blame you for blaming you, even sometimes I blame you loudly. But you always answer me in a soft voice and use a smile to calm my unreasonable anger. When I am naughty, you always use a variety of people or things to teach me to correct myself. When I am complacent with my little achievements, you not only encourage me, but also make me guard against 桑拿佛山 arrogance and rashness. So I grew up day by day without worries.
Mom, I really hope to have the next life, then I want to be your father or mother, I will care for you like you do to me!
Mom, that’s what I want to tell you!