Zhang Yong: Don’t let go of any illegal elements

Zhang Yong, male, born in 1979, joined the police in 2004. He is now the chief of the strike team of Huafu Police Station of Futian Branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Since the police, Zhang Yong has been awarded personal third-class service five times, and has won honors such as outstanding Communist Party members, outstanding civil servants, Shenzhen Police Silver Medal of Merit, Copper Medal of Merit and so on.
“How did you find me?” Recently, in a remote mountain village in Qingyuan, Guangdong Province, the suspect Zhang Mou looked at several policemen in disbelief and exclaimed. Zhang Yong, head of the strike team of the Huafu Police Station, was the leader of the arrest team that made him exclaim.
Not long ago, Zhang Yong’s team received reports from the masses that their home had been stolen and a box containing diamonds had been stolen, worth about 130,000 yuan. Zhang Yong immediately led the investigation and found two young perpetrators, Acai and Aaron, but it is incredible that they are both minors, one is only 14 years old and the other is 15 years old.
“Was it really two children who wanted to steal?” Zhang Yongxin has doubts. So, on the one hand, he influenced and educated the two children, on the other hand, starting from the details of their families and lives, gradually pulled out the “behind-the-scenes black hand” – 21-year-old Zhang Mou. Originally, Zhang Mou had many previous convictions of theft. This time, instead of going out in person, he began to instigate minors to enter the house to steal. However, he hid himself in a remote control command in a deep mountain, but did not expect to be pulled out.
However, this is not the end of the matter. “The latter caught the crime, but was it clean as the next buyer?” In line with the principle of not letting go of any illegal elements, Zhang Yong continued to lead the team to pursue in depth. In the case of Zhang Mou’s “zero confession”, starting from the clues of the case, Zhang Yong finally found the buyer behind – Xu Mou in his 30s. After verification, Xu Mou still paid for the purchase and resale of stolen goods when he knew it was stolen goods.
To the delight of the owner, Zhang Yong not only arrested all the suspects in the case, but also conducted in-depth investigations and successfully intercepted the diamonds that had changed hands many times. “Unexpectedly, three months have passed and diamonds can be recovered. Thank you so much!” The owner said excitedly.
Although the name is “brave”, but the comrades in arms all know: this detective is not only brave, but also conspiratorial! _. On one occasion, Zhang Yong seized a “contraband” buyer who was not the biggest owner. However, while trying the case, the suspect’s cell phone suddenly came a stranger’s text message: “Do you want it?” Zhang Yongling flashed: “Is this not going home?” So he picked up his cell phone and began to communicate with each other.
As the content of the chat became deeper and deeper, Zhang Yong gradually decided that it was home. In this way, Zhang Yong continued to fight against each other’s wisdom and courage. The next day, Zhang Yong led the team, and at the appointed place, he netted all the “going home”.
“To handle a case is to find out the root of the matter and not to let go of any lawbreaker!” Zhang Yong said.