There’s always one of these new cars for you at Chengdu Auto Show

Compared with Beijing and Shanghai, the scale of Chengdu Auto Show and the importance of manufacturers are much lower. But maybe this year’s car market is not very good. In order to improve sales performance, this year’s Chengdu Auto Show is more lively than before. There are many heavy-duty cars appearing or going on the market in independent brands, joint venture brands and luxury brands.
According to the usual practice, start with luxury brand models with high heat.
Cadillac CT5
Since the implementation of the Sixth National Car Policy, Cadillac has only CT6 (parameter | picture) which is on sale. Sales have been greatly impacted. Lexus also took the second-tier luxury brand sales Championship position in July. This, of course, is an intolerable fact for SAIC GM, so CT5 arrived.
Cadillac CT5 (parameter | picture) is the successor of XTS (parameter | picture). It is positioned in medium-sized cars, and its product strength is quite bright. For example, its body size reaches 4924/1883/1453 (1445) mm and its wheelbase is 2947 mm; for example, it provides fashion and sports designs; for example, it carries a 2.0T start with maximum power of 241 horsepower. Machine, matching 10AT gearbox; for example, using the front-drive and rear-drive layout.
All sorts of signs show that CT5 is to smash the field of BMW 3 series (parameters | pictures). Since the new generation of 3 series has almost given up sport, CT5 will take over the flag of sport, after all, ATS-L (parameter | picture) has accumulated a lot of sport powder for Cadillac. Maybe the sports benchmark will become Cadillac in the future. What if?
Lexus RX L
The main change in the new Lexus RX is the “lengthening” of six and seven new models. However, according to previous information, RX L is not cheap to buy. Only 450 h version of the new car, or 3.5L hybrid model, will provide an extended model, and its pre-sale price has reached 6780-805 million yuan.
Moreover, because the wheelbase of RX L has not changed, but the length of the body has been lengthened to 5 meters, increasing by 110 mm, the proportion of the side of the whole body is actually somewhat out of tune.
So, is it better for consumers to buy Audi Q7 at this price? Or Cadillac XT6?
BMW 8 Family
In June, BMW announced the pre-sale price of the 8-series family in the Chinese market, including 6 models, including 8-series Coupe (double-door hard top version), 8-series Convertible (open version), 8-series Gran Coupe (four-door coupe) and M8, with a pre-sale range of 97.00-230.0 million yuan. In Chengdu Auto Show, the 8-series family will be officially listed.
BMW 8 Series is really expensive, but handsome is really handsome. Low bodywork, domineering shape and sporting style all show the identity of its luxury GT sports car. Among these models, M8 Thunder is the ultimate representative of performance. The 4.4-liter V8 twin turbocharged engine has a maximum power of 626 horsepower. It matches the 8-speed manual self-contained gearbox and the M xDrive four-drive system with a rear-drive mode. The zero acceleration time is only 3.2 seconds.
So, have you saved enough money?
Next, talk about the joint venture brand.
Mazda 3 should be the most concerned joint venture model among the new cars at Chengdu Auto Show. The second generation soul-stirring styling design and brand-new interior style make this car have a fairly high face value. Unfortunately, the new horse 3 has not launched a two-compartment model, and may not be launched later, and the highly vocal Skyactive-X engine has not been launched. The power system is consistent with cash. The maximum power of the 1.5L/2.0L engine is 117 horsepower and 158 horsepower, respectively. The Skyactive-X engine is expected to be launched by the end of the year. Type of car.
Compared with competitors of the same level, the new generation Mazda 3’s product strength is still a little worse. It’s still a bit difficult to achieve a revival in sales. After all, the brightness of the forefathers’minds is too dazzling. The only hope may be a new engine model by the end of the year.
Ten generations of Sonata
At present, Sonata IX’s performance can be described as “horrible”. Sales in the past few months are even less than three digits a month, which has been completely forgotten by the market. The situation of Beijing Hyundai itself is not much better, and this year’s new generation of Shengda listed on the market has not been able to re-support the brand value of Beijing Hyundai. So the burden fell on the ten generations of Sonata.
The overall design of the 10-generation Sonata is similar to that of Fista. Its shape is very radical, its body size has increased, and its power system has not been exposed yet. However, it may carry 1.6T and 2.0T engines.
Beijing’s modern mid-and high-end models have a certain product strength, but in recent years the brand value has decreased too much, even if the 10-generation Sonata looks good, but the final result may not be too good. Of course, a lower price is not without opportunities.