Pawn retired from the Heroes League

In the 2014 global finals, Samsung White swept Samsung Blue at 3:0 in the semi-finals, and the Blue captain Dade put his coat on Pawn after the game, symbolizing his recognition. Samsung White subsequently won the final and became the second Korean team to win the world championship. They were once considered the strongest team in the history of the global finals.
In 2015, Pawn followed the tide of Korean aid and joined the Chinese LPL Regiment’s powerful EDG team with the Blue Team’s Deft players. In the same year, in the final of the first MSI season Invitational tournament, Pawn used Mogana to firmly hold Faker’s demon, and eventually beat SKT to win the MSI world championship.
From 2017 to 2018, Pawn and Deft joined the KT team known as the Galaxy Warship and won the championship in the summer of 2018. Unfortunately, Pawn again faded out of the starting line-up due to injury and was replaced by Ucal.
At the beginning of 2019, Pawn and Deft joined the KZ team again. After finishing third in the spring competition for KZ, Pawn announced that he had been recuperated due to injury again in the summer competition and disappeared into the eyes of fans. The KZ team finally lost to DWG in the bubbles and lost its qualification to participate in the global finals.
Looking back on Pawn’s career, he has been playing steadily and excellently, and his achievements have been close to or even briefly surpassed Faker, but injuries have become the main theme of his career in recent years. Such an excellent professional player is respected and regrettable. Hope that after retirement, Pawn players can heal their injuries as soon as possible, and their future life will be smooth!