PCL all staff promotion

After three days of fierce competition, the first round group match of PGC in the global finals of “survival of the Jedi” officially ended. This group game consists of 32 teams divided into two groups: AB and ab. the top 8 teams can enter the semi-finals in the three-day competition. At present, all the teams representing the domestic PCL have been promoted. Here we congratulate them on their victory. Let’s take a look at the details of this group game.
PCL all promotion and 4am successful meeting, 16 semi-final PCL to make further efforts!
PGC in the fierce battle of two groups of games, the 16 teams are the first to enter the semi-finals. The 16 teams that lost in the group match played in the loser group today. In the end, the eight teams escaped from birth and won the final promotion quota. This includes VC, QM and ifty from PCL. In this way, with 4am advanced early, all teams in PCL are promoted and perform strongly in this PGC. AhQ and Gex from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, which fans call the provincial team, also entered the semi-finals. So far, all six teams of the Chinese team have been promoted!
After today’s knockout, the group game is over. The three Chinese PCL teams participating in the knockout will all be promoted to the semi-finals.
Looking back on the final one, ifty finally scares the explanation. Fortunately, the lone wolf finally stabilizes. It’s mainly the final time. Several opponents with threats are present. It’s not serious. It’s impossible. I can also thank QM for a small wave. It’s a perfect ending. All of them are promoted. Ming and the forum are very happy. We have to look forward to the semi-final.
After the game, the VC team members also accepted the interview, just the little sister, it seems to be a little serious!
I love to see the pictures of Chinese E-sports players in foreign countries receiving media interviews. It’s a sense of honor. The lol news is good, but it’s coming. Pubg can’t lose. Waiting for a PGC champion is the PCL team’s news.
4am, VC, ifty, QM, according to the present embodiment, these 4am and VC are a bit fierce. Eight platoons are going?