Apple launched a fire collection

Apple launched a fire to raise money. The Australian forest fire has been burning for four months, burning forests and countless animals. However, the prime minister went to Hawaii for a holiday. This time, even the Americans far away can’t watch it. Recently, Apple launched a donation page for Australian wildfires on its official website.
In December, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted that he would donate money to the rescue of the Australian mountain fire. At present, users can go to the donation page of Apple’s official website in the United States / Australia to donate with the associated payment method of iTunes and app store. All donations will be transferred to charity organizations. Apple, the middleman, rarely does not charge any difference, commission or commission.
Since September last year, Australian wildfires have been burning for four months, with an area of tens of thousands of square kilometers and possibly 500 million animals. Nowadays, there is no sign of extinguishing the mountain fire, and with the arrival of high temperature, the mountain fire still has the risk of aggravation. According to the analysis of some economists, in addition to the irreparable ecological disaster caused by the mountain fire, it will also bring 5 billion Australian dollars (about 23 billion yuan) of economic losses to Australia