Quantum wave speed reading checked

Never mind, quantum mechanics. I can’t explain. I’m going through time and space. “
Science fiction movies usually use the above two sentences to cover up the things that cannot be explained, and the beautiful name is “pay homage to the myth”
However, in real life, some organizations take this nonsense as a magic weapon, and set up a set of teaching system, with the reputation of “whole brain training”, teach children “quantum wave speed reading”, and attract a large number of unknown parents “devout inquiry” to send their children to the past.
On January 16, the Ministry of Education announced the investigation and treatment of several off campus training institutions that had violated the regulations, and shut down several institutions that had violated the regulations in Shenzhen, Taiyuan and Chengdu to carry out similar off campus training, including Shenzhen Branch of Beijing smart brain development Co., Ltd., Zhuolun education, Sichuan pilot Vance Education Technology Co., Ltd., Jinjiang Branch of Chengdu xuezhihai Education Consulting Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Qiqi Avis Education Technology Co., Ltd.
These institutions, which do not even have business licenses or school permits, claim that “the faster they read 100000 words in 1-5 minutes”, the closer they are to the universe. These are the words of netizens that “businessmen just rub my IQ on the ground” are believed by some people, and there are many people.
In the secret interview video of people’s daily.cn on October 23, 2019, a potential training camp held by our excellent education technology Co., Ltd. in Hebei Province announced that after learning, students can read with blindfold eyes, recognize colors with blindfold eyes, sense words with arms, and even carry objects, break steel spoon with open eyes, see through envelope with open eyes, and read with ears.
In the video, some students with black cloth on their eyes perform badly under the instruction of the organization teacher.
Tianyan inspection shows that Hebei meiben excellent education technology Co., Ltd. was founded on October 30, 2017, and its legal representative is Zhang Xiujuan. The company has been listed in the list of business exceptions twice in 2019 due to “the registered residence or business site cannot be contacted”. In fact, if the company is listed in the list of business exceptions and fails to perform relevant obligations for 3 years, it will be listed in the list of serious illegal and dishonest enterprises for management.
However, Tianyan inspection shows that the business status of the enterprise is currently showing survival, that is, “the enterprise exists and continues to operate normally in accordance with the law”. The city called the company, but it was not connected up to the time of publication.
In fact, before being informed by the Ministry of education, the legend of quantum wave speed reading had been circulating for a long time in the primary school community. In their performance, even if the children take the book down, it does not affect them to finish a book in 5 minutes and repeat it completely. Back in 1979, Tang Yu, a young man who read with his ears, reported by Sichuan Daily, has been proved to have achieved the goal of so-called ear literacy by changing notes, stealing and cheating. Because of being caught, the scene was extremely embarrassing.
Quantum speed, super perception, full brain potential development… There is a lesson in the past, parents really don’t know this is a trick?
In the communication with a nearly victimized parent, the city circle learned that she sent her child to a fluctuating speed reading training institution. When the child was in the institution, he could read with his eyes covered. But when he got home, the child told her that the black cloth covered with his eyes was transparent. Fortunately, it is still in the audition stage, and the parents are not cheated.
The parent told the city community that they were also college students, and knew it was impossible in their hearts, but they always had a fluke mentality: “there are other parents in the organization who also sent their children, in case it is true, my children will lose the opportunity if they don’t go?” This parent is quite embarrassed to tell the city, sometimes it is impossible to take the children, this is the urgent medical treatment.
The thinking of Chinese parents is really magical. A 20 yuan parenting book is too expensive for him, but he is eager to spend tens of thousands of yuan to try a sand sculpture training.
Xiong Bingqi, vice president of the College of education and research in the 21st century, told the city circle that this reflected a phenomenon that exists in our society in pursuit of success, opportunism and even obsession. Some people prefer to abandon basic common sense in order to get rich.
Some time ago, an article “I took drugs, mom fed” was swiped on the screen. In order to improve the children’s performance in a short period of time, parents fed them smart drugs, which led to their children suffering from drug addiction. It sounds creepy.
In order not to let their children lose in the starting line, parents believe in the other side of the road, trying to take a shortcut in the process of jumping off, so that they are reaped by the fraud organization.
Li Hong, a netizen, once told the story of attending the quick reading lecture of quantum wave when she was a child. She was selected by the master and completely retelled 400 pages of English books. The master in her ear to say an enlightening words: “you just make up.”
Fortunately, tianwanghuihui is careless without omission.