A letter from the Ministry of education to college students

Dear students
Hello everyone!
At the beginning of 2020, this unexpected epidemic and the unprecedented gengzi Spring Festival made us become “homestead men” and “homestead women”, making the meeting of friends become video chat, and the meeting of relatives and friends become a new year’s Eve. The spread of the epidemic makes us feel not only anxious, but also the warmth brought by the most beautiful “anti traveler”.
Epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is responsibility. Under the firm leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, Party organizations at all levels and Party members and cadres and medical workers in all levels have fully implemented joint prevention and control measures and built up a tight defense line for mass prevention and mass control. College students are the novel coronavirus that we are advancing with the new era. I believe that you will shoulder the mission and responsibility entrusted by the times and fight with the motherland in the face of the struggle against epidemic control. We should make joint contributions to the people and make the due contribution to win the battle against the outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus.
To be a “Guardian” is to take on a mission and ensure health. At present, the epidemic is still spreading and prevention and control is in a critical period. Many medical teachers and students have gone to the front line and become strong guardians of patients. In times of crisis, only the responsible party can show loyalty and let youth bloom in the fight against the rampant virus. When you have not mastered the relevant medical knowledge and professional skills to stop the epidemic, to protect yourself and not let those who care for us worry is to be responsible for the life safety of others, to comfort the front-line medical staff, and to contribute to the “war epidemic”. Every student is involved in a family, and every youth should take on a mission to be a scientific communicator, a rumor breaker, a healthy guardian and a family caregiver. The safety of every classmate and the health of every family are the solid foundation of safe China and healthy China.
To be a “practitioner” is to stay in one’s own house and embrace the Tao. “All things are born when they have their origin, and all things are accomplished when they have their way.” In literary classics, we should cultivate sentiment, increase talent and achieve the goal of “having poetic spirit and self-improvement”; in philosophical classics, we should improve our thinking, grasp laws and enhance our ability of philosophical thinking; in ethical classics, we should know about shame, right and wrong, honor and disgrace, good and evil, and cultivate a sound moral character; on the platform of network resources, we should study independently and improve ourselves, so as to achieve the goal of “non-stop learning and learning” No delay “; through online discussion between teachers and students, teaching and learning.
To be a “knower” is to make sure there is a way to travel. For the sake of the health and safety of the students, the Ministry of education has made the decision to postpone the opening of the spring semester in 2020, which is the need to fight against the epidemic, and also the concern and love of the party and the people for the students. No matter where you are, please remember that the teachers of the school are always concerned about you and hope that everyone can set foot on the way back to school in a healthy and sunny manner. At the time of return, maybe the epidemic situation has not been completely relieved. The big housework must be arranged in accordance with the unified plan, in cooperation with the relevant arrangements of school return work, do a good job in personal protection and return planning, travel must be well-organized, shorten the return time as much as possible, do staggered travel and safe travel, and show the enthusiasm and youthful vitality of college students in the new semester.
Our wills unite like a fortress. The million people united as one man, and the United States and the United States are firmly united in the final victory of the struggle against the epidemic, Xi Jinping said. We will also work with our teachers and look forward to meeting you again in the spring of the year of gengzi!
February 3, 2020