When an employee is diagnosed

Dangdang, a Dangdang novel coronavirus pneumonia, was informed by IT’s home in February 20th that the IT was informed that the staff member was diagnosed with a new crown pneumonia.
Dangdang said the employee had worked for three days in the company, and Dangdang was cooperating with the CDC to properly arrange close contacts.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed by IT’s family.
The following is the official response of dangdang.com:

  1. On the evening of February 19, it was learned from the CDC that the nucleic acid test of the staff of Dangdang close contact was positive, and the nucleic acid test of the husband and the child is still negative at present.
  2. When it is the first time to hold a full conference call to report the progress, synchronize the instructions of the CDC, answer all kinds of questions of the staff, and calm the staff’s nerves.
  3. The employee worked in the company for three days before his mother had symptoms. When working with CDC to properly arrange close contacts. Meanwhile, the follow-up work shall be handled in an orderly manner based on the opinions of professional departments.
  4. Dangdang has attached great importance to the physical safety of employees as the first priority. On February 18, the company has arranged all employees to work at home and track the physical condition of all employees in real time.
  5. We also call on the media to respect and protect the privacy of patients.