Horton responds to Sun Yang’s suspension

The international sports arbitration court announced the arbitration result of the World Anti Doping Agency case against Sun Yang and fina, and imposed a suspension of eight years on Sun Yang. Once the punishment result is published, it has attracted the attention of all circles. Hoton, a famous Australian player who refused to accept the award with Sun Yang at the world championships in Guangzhou, and Dunn Scott, a British player, both expressed their views on Sun Yang’s suspension. Although they did not involve Sun Yang’s name, they both mentioned that their position was to uphold the innocence of swimming.
As Sun Yang’s main opponent in the 400m freestyle, Horton and Sun Yang had a tie up as early as the 2016 Rio Olympics. At that time, Horton attacked Sun Yang personally, calling him “doping player”, which caused great controversy. At last year’s Guangzhou World Championships, Horton once again “grabbed the mirror” and refused to take photos with Sun Yang at the award ceremony after the 400 meter freestyle final.
The result of Sun Yang’s hearing is undoubtedly “good news” for Horton. Unless Sun Yang appeals successfully, he will not compete with Sun Yang again in the Tokyo Olympic Games. “My position is that swimming should be a clean sport, which does not involve individuals or countries, and the result published today will not change my position.” Horton said simply that Sun Yang had been banned for eight years. And charlmouth, Horton’s Australian teammate and Rio’s 100m freestyle champion, naturally stood on Horton’s side, “I fully support mark, which may not be under our control, but I still want to support Mark’s position.”
At present, the Australian swimming team is training for the Tokyo Olympic Games. The head coach of Horton, Jacques verhallen, said his disciples are concentrating on training. Sun Yang’s verdict will not affect him, let alone the Australian swimming team. “Houghton is a very focused athlete, he will not be affected by things off the field, even this matter will not affect him.” Verhallen said, “he has experienced such a scene before and will not be affected. Because this case has nothing to do with him. He has stated his attitude on the international stage, and his attitude will not change. That’s enough. It’s not what we should do to comment on the judgments of athletes from other countries. For us, no matter what the result is, we will accept it. We also respect this process. Our focus is on the Olympic Games, not the Olympic Games Sun Yang’s case. “
In fact, Horton was not the only one who refused to receive the prize at last year’s Guangzhou World Championships. At the 200 meter freestyle award ceremony, Duncan Scott, a British swimmer, also imitated Horton and refused to take the podium to embarrass Sun Yang. At that time, Sun Yang even said excitedly, “you are the loser, I am the winner.” Scott also made a brief statement after Sun Yang was banned for eight years.
“I fully respect and support the decision announced by the international sports arbitration tribunal. I believe that only pure sports can provide a fair competition environment for all athletes. I also believe that the international sports arbitration tribunal and the World Anti Doping organization will uphold this concept.” Scott said.