200 people watch bullfights in Guizhou

Beijing, Feb. 29 According to the official wechat of the Publicity Department of Jianhe county Party committee, on the afternoon of February 24, 2020 (the second day of the lunar calendar), the young villagers of Jiang’s family and Wu’s family in Gaoding village, Nanshao Town, Jianhe County spontaneously organized four bullfights with themselves to the new bullfight field in Gaoding village for the purpose of auspicious festival, which attracted about 200 people to watch. Most of the onlookers did not wear masks and brought the epidemic prevention and control belt Major potential risks, causing serious adverse effects.
The Propaganda Department of Jianhe county Party committee pointed out that during the period of epidemic prevention and control, the bullfight organized by the masses fully exposed the problems of the Party committee, the government, the Party branch of Gaoding village and the village committee in epidemic prevention and control, such as the main responsibility is not implemented, the prevention and control supervision is not effective and not in place. In order to strengthen the discipline of epidemic prevention and control work and win the Resistance War of epidemic prevention and control, the county Party committee decided to remove Comrade Pan Shengping from the post of Party Secretary of Nanshao Town, Comrade Luo Guoqiang from the post of deputy secretary of Party committee of Nanshao town and head of Township People’s government, Jiang Shengke from the post of Party branch secretary of Gaoding village, Nanshao Town, and Wu Shengliang from the post of village committee head of Gaoding village, Nanshao town And start the recall procedure. The responsibilities of other relevant personnel shall be investigated in accordance with laws and regulations.