The White House’s Secret electric skillet China

China Daily reported novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia, which was reported on the 21 day in a report entitled “White House officials to focus on China to cover up the new crown pneumonia epidemic”, said that the new white crowned pneumonia case continues to grow rapidly. The White House is launching a so-called “public relations plan” among several federal agencies, demanding officials to focus on Beijing’s “trying to cover up the epidemic” and causing a new crown pneumonia in the global pandemic.
According to the beast daily, the telegram sent to State Department officials Friday (20 local time) provided guidance on how U.S. officials could answer questions about the new coronavirus or talk about it, as well as the White House’s response to China. The talking points originally came from the US National Security Council, because part of the telegram read “National Security Council (NSC)”. It even accused the Communist Party of “attaching more importance to its reputation than to the sufferings of the people”. “It’s all about China,” said an official who broke the news, the report said. We were told to do everything possible to get this information out, including in press conferences and TV shows. “
In the past, many American politicians, including President trump and Secretary of state Peng Peio, have called the new coronavirus “China virus” or “Wuhan virus”. Geng Shuang, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, said at a regular press conference on March 20 that some people on the US side have been deliberately linking the new coronavirus with China and constantly stigmatizing China. The Chinese people are strongly indignant and firmly opposed to this. Geng Shuang also listed the facts of information sharing in China’s fight against the new crown epidemic in chronological order, indicating that in the past two months or more, China has provided information to the United States in a timely manner and worked hard to fight the epidemic, winning valuable time for the world, but unfortunately it was wasted and squandered by the United States.
The global times also published an editorial saying that Trump’s government is weak in its command of anti epidemic, but it is very good at launching a public opinion war against China, with full motivation. The root cause is that the epidemic has spread in the United States on a large scale. The confirmed cases in the United States are second only to Italy, becoming the third largest in the world. The death toll has also reached more than 300. The panic is spreading. The White House has no skills to reverse this situation and has a growing political dependence on China. The headline of the editorial is concise: Washington’s pot is too big to throw out.