British prime minister sent to ICU

Outside St. Thomas’s Hospital, many media were waiting all night
Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Johnson, the prime minister, was deteriorated and transferred to intensive care unit, according to British media reports. The 6 prime time in the evening was the first time in the UK.
A spokesman for the prime minister said Johnson had asked Foreign Minister Dominique Labu to temporarily act as prime minister.
Earlier Friday, a spokesman for the prime minister’s office said Johnson had a “comfortable” night at the hospital and was in good spirits and continued to stay for examination.
Since novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in March 27th, Johnson, 55, has been working at home. However, after 10 days of isolation, Johnson still had “persistent symptoms” and fever on April 5, so he followed the doctor’s advice to go to the hospital, which was his first hospitalization after his diagnosis.
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British Prime Minister Johnson is still feverish and hospitalized for a new coronavirus test after 10 days of isolation
British Prime Minister Johnson was hospitalized for a new coronavirus test, Sky News reported Friday. 10 days ago, on March 27, he wrote on social media that his new coronavirus test was positive and he was isolating himself, but he still had persistent symptoms and fever.
The prime minister has a high fever and the queen has delivered a speech
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson novel coronavirus pneumonia continues to have symptoms, including high fever, and the doctor’s recommendation, 5 days have been admitted to hospital for examination. On the same day Johnson was hospitalized, the queen of England made a public speech.
Johnson’s admission to hospital as head of government and the Queen’s speech as head of state are obviously meaningful. At some level, they also show that the UK epidemic prevention and control has entered the most difficult time in history.