Novel coronavirus pneumonia was wrongly diagnosed in 24 Japanese

11 novel coronavirus pneumonia PCR detected in Aichi Prefecture in Japan was wrong, after 28 people were diagnosed with new crown pneumonia, but the actual number was 4. The head of Aichi county government held a press conference, revised the number of confirmed cases and bowed to apologize.
According to the report of Donghai TV on the 13th, Aichi County said that in the PCR detection of new coronavirus by the County Health Research Institute on the 11th, a mistake occurred in the new coronavirus extraction project, resulting in the positive patient’s test body scattered into other test bodies. As a result, 24 people who were negative were misjudged as positive.
A total of 28 people were infected on the same day, compared with four, Aichi County said Thursday. Among the 24 people, one 80 year old man who was identified as a positive patient after death was removed from the vigil and sent directly to cremation. In addition, six people were hospitalized after being told they were positive, and an 80 something old man and a real infected person spent two hours in the same room.
“In the future, we will let more people inspect the extraction project of testing work to prevent such things from happening again,” Aichi County said at a press conference At present, 326 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Aichi county.