Ruixing coffee suspension

Beijing News (reporter Wang Ziyang) on April 7, Ruixing coffee was suspended before the U.S. stock market. Waiting for more information to be disclosed, Ruixing coffee rose 4.56% before the market, while Ruixing coffee fell about 83% in the past three trading days. At present, its share price is $4.39/share, with a total market value of about $1.105 billion.
It is worth noting that Ruixing coffee has invested in the liability insurance before going public in the United States. There are many domestic insurance companies participating in the insurance in the form of CO insurance body. There are four layers of “coinsurance body” composed of Ruixing coffee’s liability insurance policy, with a total insured amount of US $25 million. The “underlying coinsurance body” is composed of 8 Chinese companies with an insured amount of US $10 million. It is reported that Ruixing coffee has started to apply for compensation.
In addition, Goldman Sachs reported that Haode, controlled by Ruixing coffee shareholder Lu Zhengyao Due to the breach of contract by investment company, the lender is entrusting Credit Suisse Singapore branch to take enforcement measures. The loan scale is 518 million US dollars, or involves 76.4 million shares of Ruixing coffee American Depository stock (ads), including the additional Pledged Shares of entities controlled by Qian Zhiya’s family trust, CEO of Ruixing coffee.
According to the latest news, Thornton law firm LLP has indicated that investors who purchase Ruixing coffee shares or other securities between April 1, 2016 and April 2, 2020 can visit the website of the law firm for more information or contact them directly if they are interested. The company has been sued on behalf of the shareholders of Ruixing coffee.

39 newly diagnosed cases in 31 provinces

From 0:00 to 24:00 on April 5, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 39 newly confirmed cases, 38 of which were imported cases from abroad, 1 case from Guangdong Province, 1 case from Hubei Province, and 10 new suspected cases, all of which were imported cases from abroad.
On the same day, 114 cases were cured, 2151 close contacts were removed from medical observation, and 30 severe cases were reduced.
693 confirmed cases (including 22 severe cases) and 88 suspected cases were imported from abroad. There were 951 confirmed cases, 258 cured cases and 0 dead cases.
As of 24:00 on April 5, according to the reports of 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, 1299 confirmed cases (265 severe cases), 77078 discharged cases were cured, 3331 dead cases (1 nuclear increase in Hubei), 81708 confirmed cases and 88 suspected cases were reported. The total number of close contacts was 713988, and 16154 were still under medical observation.
There are 0 newly confirmed cases (0 in Wuhan), 69 cured and discharged cases (69 in Wuhan), 1 new death case (1 in Wuhan), 577 confirmed cases (574 in Wuhan), including 234 severe cases (231 in Wuhan). 64014 cases (46863 cases in Wuhan) were cured, 3212 cases (2571 cases in Wuhan, 1 case in Xiaogan nuclear), 67803 cases (50008 cases in Wuhan) were confirmed. There are 0 new suspected cases (0 in Wuhan) and 0 existing suspected cases (0 in Wuhan).
Thirty one provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 78 new cases of asymptomatic infection, including 40 imported asymptomatic infections, 5 confirmed cases (5 imported from abroad) on the same day, and 50 cases of medical observation termination (4 imported from abroad). 1047 cases of asymptomatic infection (275 cases imported from abroad) were still under medical observation.
In total, 1297 confirmed cases were reported in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 890 cases in Hong Kong (206 discharged, 4 dead), 44 cases in Macao (10 discharged), 363 cases in Taiwan (54 discharged, 5 dead).

A van Gogh painting was stolen

China Daily, March 30 (Gao Linlin) according to the website of the independent, officials at the singer laren Museum in the Netherlands revealed that Van Gogh’s painting spring garden was stolen.
It is reported that the thief broke into the museum at about 3:15 a.m. on the 29th and stole the painting created in 1884. The painting is on loan from the Groningen Museum in the Netherlands and its value is unclear.
No other painting has been stolen except this one. At present, the police are investigating the theft.

Beijing now imports related cases

In March 24th, in novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in Beijing, Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of Beijing City Center for Disease Control and prevention, introduced the first case of imported foreign related cases in Beijing.
Beijing’s first imported related case,
Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of Beijing CDC, reported the first case of imported related cases in Beijing.
Pang Xinghuo: Mr. Liu, 42, Beijing native, lives in dahezhuang garden, No. 3, Suzhou Street, Haidian District. It is the first case of imported related cases in Beijing.
On March 10, the patient developed fatigue, fever and other symptoms, and his temperature returned to normal after taking the medicine.
On the 14th, I heard that there were cases in the community, and I went to the fever clinic of Haidian Hospital, where I took medicine and went home for treatment.
Fever appeared again on the 17th, taking Tylenol and cough medicine.
Two throat swabs were collected from fever clinic of Haidian Hospital on the evening of the 20th.
The 21 day feedback novel coronavirus nucleic acid positive, comprehensive CT imaging and blood test and antibody detection, 23 day diagnosed as confirmed cases, designated hospital treatment, clinical classification is light.
The patient’s close family contact is his wife. At present, he has no related symptoms and no positive indicators.
There was no travel or residence history in Wuhan, Hubei, other areas with continuous transmission of cases and overseas two weeks before the onset of the disease.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia was a residential neighbor. Lee lived in the neighborhood in March 5th. He was in the neighborhood and watched the activities of the house. He had 7 activities on the 9 day after he went to the community to go to the hospital for treatment. He went to the Haidian Hospital on the 11 day and was diagnosed as a new crown pneumonia case on the 12 th.
Epidemiological investigation found that both Liu and Li had recently taken stairs. Liu may have been exposed to the stairs polluted by Li before March 11.
The disease control department and the community have successively taken disinfection measures for the living environment of Li and Liu.
Pang Xinghuo said that in view of one case of imported related cases in Beijing, he once again reminded the public friends that the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe and complex. Relevant prevention and control measures should be implemented, masks should be worn, less gathering, hand hygiene should be paid attention to, regular ventilation and timely cleaning should be carried out in the family, and disinfection treatment such as toilets and kitchens should be carried out when necessary. The property management unit shall clean up the pollution in time and regularly disinfect the shared facilities.
A family of four arrived in Beijing from Spain and three people were confirmed as follows:
Local neighbors are infected
Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of Beijing CDC, reported a typical case imported from abroad.
Xu, 45, Zhejiang native, runs a fruit shop in Barcelona, Spain.
In March 10th, a novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in a fruit shop upstairs, and the fruit shop was closed in March 11th.
On March 21, Xu and his three sons took flight ca846 from Barcelona, Spain.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Beijing in March 22nd when customs quarantine completed the declaration card. 4 of them were not dissatisfied, but they had actively declared for 14 days. Afterwards, the throat swab samples were collected by the airport quarantine personnel and then transferred to Beijing Ditan hospital by 120 ambulance.
On March 23, Xu was diagnosed and the clinical type was common type. As of March 23, three of the four mothers and children of Xu have been diagnosed as confirmed cases and one as suspected cases. At present, all of them have been isolated and treated in Beijing Ditan hospital.
According to Xu, Barcelona residents don’t wear masks every day.

Chen Daoming or Zhong Nanshan

Since the outbreak of a new coronavirus pneumonia in China, it has been several months since the outbreak. Now the epidemic is getting better and better. It’s already in spring outside. When the epidemic is completely over and the door is opened, what you want to do most may be to eat a hot pot, watch a movie, or meet some good friends and friends, and walk in the Huahai oasis together. I think it’s also extreme Well.
To borrow a phrase from netizens: 2020 is special and unforgettable for all people. Through this epidemic, the whole nation will usher in unprecedented cohesion.
In this epidemic, what we should remember and thank most is that the medical staff who are in the front line of the battle, they are carrying the weight forward, retrograde and upward, in exchange for our quiet years now.
Recently, the media broke out that radio and television decided to make the epidemic into a TV series, and it has been put on the shooting schedule. The famous “settle down” screenwriter Liu Liu has gone to the front line to find those touching deeds.
The anti epidemic series is called together. It will follow the model of “my country and I” in the national day of 2019. It is composed of several small stories and chapters, aiming to promote and record the touching deeds and unity spirit during the epidemic.
I think everyone is looking forward to it? This will become the historical mark of the TV series will be presented in the most perfect way.
So, next is the question of the cast that netizens are most concerned about.
I think you’ve heard the name Zhong Nanshan even if you don’t hear anything out of the window? When SARS broke out in 2003, Zhong Nanshan rushed to the front line immediately. At that time, he was the hero in many people’s mind.
Unexpectedly, after 16 years, another epidemic broke out suddenly. Grandpa Zhong, who is over 80 years old, warned us not to go to the serious epidemic area or run around. However, he went to the front line in the dining car of the train and contributed his strength.
Such a hero, of course, is indispensable in together, so who will play our national treasure Zhong Nanshan?
According to Hong Kong media, the actor of Zhong Nanshan has been determined, that is Chen Daoming, a national first-class actor.
Now 64 year old Chen Daoming, a real old actor, has won numerous awards and played many “Emperors”. I think netizens are quite satisfied with him playing academician Zhong.
However, another important actor has aroused controversy and make complaints about netizens.
That is Dr. Li Wenliang, who has made great contributions to the epidemic. It is sad that he has passed away unfortunately, but he deserves to be remembered by all.
It is reported that Dr. Li Wenliang’s actors have finalized Deng Chao and Lu Yi, and will choose one of them to play.
So, the netizens were dissatisfied. They thought that the two actors were not suitable to play hero Li Wenliang. They called them “Iron Rooster” and “Doctor Li Wenliang” who went to seek refuge in other countries during the epidemic. They both behaved badly and could not play the role of iron man.
Some netizens think that actors should have both moral integrity and ability, and make outstanding contributions in the epidemic, such as Huang Xiaoming, Gao Xin, etc., one is to donate money and materials, the other is to do volunteer work to make masks during the epidemic, which are worthy of praise.
Of course, at present, it is only in the stage of casting, and the final role has not been determined, but Deng Chao’s acting is still online, so please look forward to the final masterpiece!

New coronavirus is not man-made

On the evening of March 9, Shi Zhengli, director of the new infectious diseases research center of Wuhan Virus Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited an online public welfare classroom of “2020 scientific anti epidemic”. She clarified that novel coronavirus was not manufactured by humans, and that the closure of Southern China seafood market did bring difficulty to the tracing of the origin of the new crown virus. She also reminded that the next cross-ethnic bat coronavirus infection is still a high probability event.
At 8:00 p.m. on March 9, the second phase of the “2020 scientific anti epidemic” series of public science public welfare live broadcast began, and the guest invited was Shi Zhengli. This is the first novel coronavirus related to the new situation since the outbreak of the epidemic.
In the live broadcast, Shi Zhengli pointed out that in 2003, when SARS coronavirus was spreading, Hong Kong scientists successfully collected samples before the market in Guangdong was closed, and soon found a virus intermediate host with 99.7% homology with SARS coronavirus. Later, it took eight years for the academic community to find that the source host of the virus was bat.
The novel coronavirus traceability has been missing due to the closure of the animal market in Southern China, Shi Zhengli said. In this case, she believes that to find a new coronavirus intermediate host, one is to understand what wildlife they have been exposed to through patients, and the other is to understand where these animals come from through the people who sell wild animals. Shi Zhengli also suggested that we need to find clues in the main habitats of natural host bats, such as Yunnan.
The novel coronavirus has been confirmed as a “sister virus” that is associated with the SARS coronavirus. Nandu journalists learned that novel coronavirus and SARS virus have different PRRA loci in gene sequences, which is suspected to have “artificial insertion”. This has led netizens to speculate about the “new crown virus is artificial”.
Novel coronavirus was definitely not artificial in Shi Zhengli’s live broadcast classroom. She explained that novel coronavirus PRRA loci were found in bat coronavirus. “This proves that this site is not artificially inserted, but exists in bat population.”.
Bat novel coronavirus has a lower probability of transmitting directly, and the next coronavirus is still likely to appear.
Can the coronavirus in bats directly infect humans? Shi Zhengli said his team found that antibodies to SARS coronavirus were detected in people in close contact with bats, indicating that humans had traces of infection, but these people had no clinical symptoms. “This shows that bats have the chance to infect people, but the probability is low, and the human immune system can clear the virus.”.
“I didn’t expect that the new bat SARS virus will occur at the end of 2019, and it will be in the city where I live.” Shi finally said that of the 12 coronaviruses his team extracted from bats, SARS coronavirus is the most infectious. She warned that novel coronavirus cross infection among SARS groups would still be a high probability event. The next coronavirus might still occur.

Whistleblowers taunt Han Hong

On February 20, Sima Sanji issued an article admitting that he deliberately tried to spread rumors about Hanhong foundation. On the same day, Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau also published the results on the report of Hanhong foundation. “After investigation, since its establishment, Hanhong foundation has generally operated in a standardized way, especially in the fight against the epidemic, which should be supported and affirmed. However, it was also found that some of the investment items were not publicized in a timely manner, and there were public fundraising behaviors before they were qualified for public fundraising. Our bureau has asked Hanhong foundation to make corrections within a time limit and standardize its operation according to law. “
But recently, the blogger “Sima Sanji” once again launched an attack on Hanhong and Hanhong foundation on Weibo. He said that “his application for administrative reconsideration to the Beijing Municipal People’s government has been accepted, and two materials need to be supplemented and corrected in written form.” In addition, he also tweeted a satirical video of Han Hong’s interview in the past, in which Han Hong confessed that he had received an admission notice from Harvard but gave up his enrollment. “Sima Sanji” questioned that Han Hong’s “Harvard” was not the school that everyone understood. “Maybe it’s a Harvard car store?” He also said that Han Hong lied “when he opened his mouth, there was no flaw, and there was no pressure through the lie detector.”.

Italy closes schools nationwide

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and Italy’s government decided to suspend teaching activities in Italy throughout March 4th to cope with the spread of the new crown pneumonia, according to the news of Italy’s Ansha and Republic newspapers.
Italy confirmed diagnosis of novel coronavirus pneumonia increased to 3089 cases, 107 cases died.
According to Reuters, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Italy increased from 2502 to 3089, and deaths rose to 107, according to officials in Italy.
In response to the outbreak, the Italian government plans to ban public activities nationwide and close cinemas and theaters, according to a recent draft decree. Earlier, Italy had taken measures to close down a number of epidemic towns.
According to the BBC, the Italian government held a government meeting on the 4th local time to discuss plans to close schools and universities at all levels in the country by the middle of March to cope with the spread of the new coronavirus.
Giovanni Reza, head of the infectious diseases department of the National Institutes of health in Italy, has said that the number of confirmed cases is expected to grow at a high speed in the future.
With regard to the development of the epidemic in Italy, foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Tuesday that China is willing to provide assistance within its capabilities in epidemic prevention and control, medical treatment and other aspects according to Italy’s needs, and is willing to strengthen communication in professional fields with Italy and exchange experience and technology in epidemic prevention and control.

Former NBA president dies

Former NBA President David Stern has died at the age of 77, NBA officials reported. NBA stars and active players mourn stern on social media. Stern passed away, but he left behind a brilliant NBA career, left behind a scene of unforgettable star shots, left the basketball sports league to the global market business myth.
Jordan: “without you, there would be no me now.”
James: “I will never forget the moment when you called my name and I came on stage to shake hands with you. You make my dream come true. “
Kobe Bryant: “the NBA has made great progress and changes under your leadership. Thank you. R.I.P “
Curry: “I will always remember when you called my name at the draft convention, it changed my life“
Wade: “I shook hands with you on June 26, 2003, when my dream came true.”
Lillard: “I’m very sad that you have made basketball more international.”
Iverson: “sincere condolences to your family”
O’Neill: “r.ip, my David.”
Can’t count David Stern’s promotion and influence on NBA! How many young people’s lives have been changed, and the healthy ecosystem in which the alliance has been growing has been ignited with vision and ambition. What is greater than that as a leader and propaganda Ambassador? In order to let China watch the NBA, he waited for a long time downstairs on CCTV. He made basketball fans have idols and dreams. The old man went all the way! Thank you for your vision and memories for generations.

Official refutation of Wanda

On January 1, Beijing time, Dalian Wanda Group officially refuted the rumors of withdrawing its investment in a football club and withdrawing from Dalian football.
Recently, the Internet media hyped Wanda’s withdrawal of a football club and its withdrawal from Dalian football. Some self media maliciously slander Wanda for not really engaging in football, but for enterprises. In order to clarify the facts, the following statement is made:
At the beginning of 2018, the shareholders of Dalian Football Club no longer contributed to the club. According to the research and decision of Dalian City, one football club is entrusted by Dalian Football Association, and the two sides have signed a custody agreement. At this time, less than 2 weeks before the start of the Chinese Super League, the main leaders of Dalian city made a special trip to Wanda Group, proposing that Wanda Group should pay the fund needed by one football club in the current year in advance, promising to coordinate and solve several problems in the development of Dalian football in 2018, including the account of one football club that was frozen by the judiciary, the transfer of equity and the huge amount left over by the former shareholder of one side Debt issues.
In the past two years, Wanda Group has paid a huge amount of operating funds to a football club, and invested 2 billion yuan to build a football youth training center in Dalian; invested nearly 1 billion yuan to build a dozen football youth teams aged 12 to 21 with about 350 people; signed an agreement to support 10 key football primary schools in Dalian with 500 million yuan in a decade. If Wanda doesn’t really play football, can we make such a long-term layout!
However, due to various reasons, Wanda has not obtained the equity of a football club, and the problems left over by the history of the club have not been solved, even the club account can not be used. In this case, Wanda Group cannot continue to support one football club in the current way.
Wanda has built the world-class football infrastructure in Dalian, and China’s first-class youth football team also has a long-term commitment to support Dalian campus football. Therefore, Wanda will not quit Dalian football and will seek to rebuild its professional club and continue to support Dalian football.