Former NBA president dies

Former NBA President David Stern has died at the age of 77, NBA officials reported. NBA stars and active players mourn stern on social media. Stern passed away, but he left behind a brilliant NBA career, left behind a scene of unforgettable star shots, left the basketball sports league to the global market business myth.
Jordan: “without you, there would be no me now.”
James: “I will never forget the moment when you called my name and I came on stage to shake hands with you. You make my dream come true. “
Kobe Bryant: “the NBA has made great progress and changes under your leadership. Thank you. R.I.P “
Curry: “I will always remember when you called my name at the draft convention, it changed my life“
Wade: “I shook hands with you on June 26, 2003, when my dream came true.”
Lillard: “I’m very sad that you have made basketball more international.”
Iverson: “sincere condolences to your family”
O’Neill: “r.ip, my David.”
Can’t count David Stern’s promotion and influence on NBA! How many young people’s lives have been changed, and the healthy ecosystem in which the alliance has been growing has been ignited with vision and ambition. What is greater than that as a leader and propaganda Ambassador? In order to let China watch the NBA, he waited for a long time downstairs on CCTV. He made basketball fans have idols and dreams. The old man went all the way! Thank you for your vision and memories for generations.

Official refutation of Wanda

On January 1, Beijing time, Dalian Wanda Group officially refuted the rumors of withdrawing its investment in a football club and withdrawing from Dalian football.
Recently, the Internet media hyped Wanda’s withdrawal of a football club and its withdrawal from Dalian football. Some self media maliciously slander Wanda for not really engaging in football, but for enterprises. In order to clarify the facts, the following statement is made:
At the beginning of 2018, the shareholders of Dalian Football Club no longer contributed to the club. According to the research and decision of Dalian City, one football club is entrusted by Dalian Football Association, and the two sides have signed a custody agreement. At this time, less than 2 weeks before the start of the Chinese Super League, the main leaders of Dalian city made a special trip to Wanda Group, proposing that Wanda Group should pay the fund needed by one football club in the current year in advance, promising to coordinate and solve several problems in the development of Dalian football in 2018, including the account of one football club that was frozen by the judiciary, the transfer of equity and the huge amount left over by the former shareholder of one side Debt issues.
In the past two years, Wanda Group has paid a huge amount of operating funds to a football club, and invested 2 billion yuan to build a football youth training center in Dalian; invested nearly 1 billion yuan to build a dozen football youth teams aged 12 to 21 with about 350 people; signed an agreement to support 10 key football primary schools in Dalian with 500 million yuan in a decade. If Wanda doesn’t really play football, can we make such a long-term layout!
However, due to various reasons, Wanda has not obtained the equity of a football club, and the problems left over by the history of the club have not been solved, even the club account can not be used. In this case, Wanda Group cannot continue to support one football club in the current way.
Wanda has built the world-class football infrastructure in Dalian, and China’s first-class youth football team also has a long-term commitment to support Dalian campus football. Therefore, Wanda will not quit Dalian football and will seek to rebuild its professional club and continue to support Dalian football.

Zheng Shuang joins Beijing Spring Festival Gala

Recently, Zheng Shuang’s participation in the Beijing Spring Festival Gala has aroused heated discussion among netizens. 2019 has come to an end, and the 2020 Spring Festival Gala is coming soon. In 2020, Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi are invited to the Beijing Spring Festival gala as spokesmen. At the same time, Zhang Wei, Zheng Shuang and others join in to have a look.
Zheng Shuang joins Beijing Spring Festival Gala
On December 29, Zheng Shuang joined in Beijing Spring Festival Gala and boarded the hot search. In recent days, major TV stations have started rehearsal of Spring Festival Gala, even cross year party. When they arrive at the party, some fresh meat or flower day attract the attention of fans.
On December 28, the press conference of the 2020 Beijing Radio and Television Spring Festival Gala was held in Beijing Television.
At the press conference, Xiao Zhan not only sang the new year’s songs such as “often go home to have a look”, “sell Tangyuan”, “congratulations and get rich”, “beautiful”, but also revealed that he was more willing to go home for the new year than to meet his parents, “because I am a very traditional person.”
As for whether the Spring Festival will receive red envelopes or not, Xiao Zhan said frankly that he did not receive red envelopes after graduation, “from the first time he made money, he sent red envelopes to the younger generation.”
Another spokesperson, Yang Zi, was unable to attend due to work reasons, but specially recorded a VCR to send new year’s greetings and agreed with the audience to “see you at the beginning of the year 2020”.
It is reported that the 2020 Beijing TV Spring Festival gala will be broadcast simultaneously on Beijing Satellite TV and BTV literature and art channel at 19:30 on the first day of the Lunar New Year (January 25, 2020).
2020 is the year of gengzi mouse in the lunar calendar. It is a milestone year for the people’s Republic of China, which has gone through 70 years of wind and rain.
The 2020 Beijing platform Spring Festival gala will continue to share the splendor of the motherland, the joy of the people and the warmth of the home with the theme of “count your happiest”. It will present the audience with a “exclusive feast” that is beautiful and moving, festive and wonderful.
On the spot, Qin Zheng, the general director of Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala in 2020, revealed the first cast and highlights of the program, among which Ni Ping, Chen Peisi and Zhu Shimao, who are full of memories of the gala, will gather on Beijing TV;
Zhang Guoli, Wang Gang and Zhang Tielin, the so-called iron triangle in the Jianghu, may have another fight between monarchs and ministers;
Zhang Wei, Zheng Shuang and rocket girl 101 will also show up.
In addition, there are a group of old friends of Beijing Spring Festival Gala, such as Feng Gong, Guo Donglin and so on, who will come as promised;
Song Xiaobao met at the Beijing Spring Festival Gala in 2019 and successfully “facilitated” Lin Zhiling’s marriage. Who will he marry in 2020?
Are the elderly in spring homes able to find their own happiness in 2020?
In recent years, the Beijing platform Spring Festival Gala has created many classic nostalgic bridge sections, such as the amazing combination of Chen Chong, Liu Xiaoqing, Zhang Yu and Siqin Gaowa, as well as the warm reunion of I love my family, which have earned the audience’s tears.
It is reported that the 2020 Beijing TV Spring Festival gala will continue to give the audience a surprise link with shared good memories.
How is Zheng Shuang
From the frequent quarrels in “the love of daughters” to the rumours of breaking up, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng, who are not regarded as good friends, finally chose to end their relationship in the dispute.
However, compared with the speculation of various economic disputes on the Internet, Zheng Shuang is extremely calm.
In addition to putting himself into work wholeheartedly, Zheng Shuang also put some of the previous couple’s products on the second-hand platform and sold them at a low price.
But I never thought that in recent days, Zheng Shuang even sold her mother’s dowry directly.
She wrote on the second-hand platform: “four sets of brocade jacquard, four sets of brand-new ones, the dowry my mother bought for me, one for free, four sets of brand-new pure cotton.” At the same time, several groups of photos are attached for the buyer’s reference.
Judging from the photos, although it’s a dowry, my mother didn’t plan to celebrate it too much in bright red. Instead, it’s made of golden satin and exquisite patterns, which looks rather high-grade.
However, what may surprise Zheng Shuang’s mother is that the dowry, which was originally bought with blessing and excitement, has not only been sealed in the packaging bag, but also lies on the second-hand idle platform.
However, although it’s still a new dowry, in terms of price, Zheng Shuang only bid 3200 yuan, and in addition, a new set of four pieces of pure cotton is also attached. Think about it, the price is very affordable.
In fact, from the rumor of breaking up to selling dowries at a low price, Zheng Shuang has not only never responded positively, but now he has only replaced it with a “temporarily unavailable” sentence, which seems to be irrelevant, but it still hurts.
From his debut to now, Zheng Shuang is not only controversial, but also once labeled as “love brain”.
But a relationship, once started, will surely think of holding hands with children, will be desperate to pay, and now, things are different, only hope that the future of Shuang sister, can really meet the right person who can hold hands to the white.

Beauty with high beauty becomes a liar

On December 23, the cover story once reported that Shi Jia, a “beauty of high beauty” in Guizhou, had been listed as a dishonest person to be executed by the people’s Court of Shunchang County, Fujian Province. Because of her beautiful appearance and the amount of the subject matter of execution as high as 410000 yuan, it caused hot discussion among netizens.
With the woman also listed as “Lao Lai”, there is also a man named Du bin, two people live in the same place, and are currently in a state of non fulfillment.
On the morning of the 24th, the reporter got in touch with judge ye Songqing, the handling judge in charge of the execution of the two cases.
He told reporters that the reason why Shi Jia and Du bin were listed as dishonest executors by the court was that they were involved in a private lending case. Hu, the other party to the case, applied to the court for compulsory execution, but after the court’s judgment, Du bin and Shi Jia had the ability to perform and refused to perform the obligations of determining the effective legal documents.
After the cover story, netizens focused on the identity of Shi Jia and the relationship with Du bin. According to judge ye, when the Court seized the property of the two people, there was only one car left, but whether there were other specific properties is not specified in the current judgment.
As netizens call it, is it a conjugal relationship that two people have the same address? Judge ye told the cover news that the court’s judgment did not disclose the relationship between the two people. However, since the court listed the two people as dishonest executors, it has not received relevant information feedback, including high consumption reports from the masses, etc.
The reporter noted that at present, the people’s Court of Shunchang County has issued a “restraining order”, listing Shi Jia and Du bin as high consumption personnel.

Dalian women’s football disbanded

Yesterday, Dalian women’s football in the women’s Super League officially informed the players that the team was dissolved. This is another top league team of Chinese women’s football which is difficult to continue after the dissolution of Tianjin HuiSen women’s football two years ago.
Dalian women’s football team, as an old brand of women’s Super League, was acquired by Quan Jian Group in 2015 and renamed as Dalian Quan Jian women’s football team. From 2016 to 2018, Dalian Quan Jian women’s football team won the women’s Super Champion for three consecutive seasons. Since then, with the “east window incident” of Quan Jian group, Dalian women’s football team has been in trouble, the main players have been transferred, and the team has also become a relegation team. In this year’s women’s Super League, Dalian women’s football team only won one game and ranked the last. According to the rules of this season’s women’s Super League, the team with the bottom one will compete with the third place in this season’s women’s League. Dalian team defeated Hebei Huaxia happy women’s football team in the additional competition and saved the position of the women’s Super League.
According to the regulations of China Football Association, all Chinese Super teams need to match a women’s team in 2020. Before the problems of Quan Jian group, Dalian had already thought of incorporating the women’s football team. In addition, because the Tianjin Women’s football team has been disbanded at the end of 2017, Tianjin men’s football team also intends to incorporate Dalian women’s football team. But at this time, there was a problem with Quanjian group. It is reported that the contracts signed by the players and the club before are mostly similar to the yin-yang contracts. The contracts that the players can get only a few thousand yuan salary, and the more important bonus is signed separately. Because of the detention of Quan Jian group, the bonus of Dalian women’s football team has not been paid, which has become a leftover problem. Therefore, neither Dalian nor Tianjin want to take over this hot potato, which is also the reason why Dalian women’s football team did not take over this year. In addition, the men’s football club in Dalian has acquired a women’s football team, and will appear in the women’s League (second level league) on behalf of the Dalian side next year.
After a year of hard support, the Dalian women’s football team had to announce its dissolution. At present, the team is still in arrears with the player’s salary. The players in the team have been informed yesterday that they can find a home. No matter Dalian or Tianjin Women’s football team, the former champion Division has been reduced to the point of no one to accept the offer or even forced to disband, which makes the fans sigh. In 2020, the women’s Super League will be expanded to 10 teams, and the women’s League will have 12 teams. After the dissolution of Dalian women’s football team, Hebei Huaxia happiness team, which lost in the additional match, will be added to the women’s Super League next season.

35 year old phenomenon in people’s daily

On the surface, “35 year old phenomenon” is the dilemma of personal career development. From the deep level, it is also inseparable from the external environment such as workplace ecology and social public opinion.
In an era of change, it is wise to plan ahead. But in addition to individual correct mentality and consciously strengthen learning, it also needs the government, society and employers to form a joint force to provide good conditions for personal career development. We should implement the labor law, labor contract law and other laws to create more fair employment opportunities. We should also guide the institutionalization, standardization and long-term of skills training through policies to open up more channels for career development. Employers need to work hard on Incentive and training mechanisms to help employees relieve workplace anxiety.
With a development perspective, we don’t need to enlarge our professional anxiety. As early as 2018, the State Council issued opinions on the implementation of lifelong vocational skills training system. Facing the future, a set of talent training mechanism will provide a broad space for more people to achieve brilliant life.
According to developmental psychology, 35 years old belongs to the later stage of early adulthood (20-40 years old). In early adulthood, individuals begin to take on more and more social roles, but their physiological functions begin to decline from the peak of about 30 years old. Physiological changes superimpose the changes of family and workplace roles, catch up with the rapid iteration of knowledge and skills, which makes many people have occupational anxiety around the age of 35, which is not difficult to understand.
Survival of the fittest has always been the norm in the workplace. To break through the bottleneck of career development, we should first adjust our mentality and make up for the shortage of ability and quality. In reality, many people choose to escape in the face of difficulties and challenges. They have a “almost” mentality to finish their work, and the career path is narrower and narrower. To expand the space of career development, we should strengthen professional quality and extend the boundary of ability with long-term efforts; we should also be brave to go out of the “comfort zone”, face up to our own shortcomings and make targeted improvements.
There is no shortcut to success in the workplace. It’s better to take every step steadily than worry and worry. Around the age of 35, when you are in a good time in your life, it is not difficult to break through the career bottleneck and create more value by straightening out your mind, continuous learning and hard work.

Cai Yilin apologizes for the exam

Jolin Tsai will hold the “ugly beauty” concert in May next year. Tickets will be sold online on December 15. In order to prevent scalpers from buying tickets, it is necessary to answer the questions correctly. But because the title is too difficult, many fans can’t buy concert tickets.
On December 17, Cai Yilin apologized to her fans when she attended a bank spokesperson’s event, saying: “I got the wrong answer to the question of buying tickets in the last concert, because I thought it would be different this time. Even I don’t know the answer. It’s really hard for everyone. We should be scolded. ” When the reporter asked if there would be more concerts, Jolin said he would discuss with the team again.
It is understood that the examination questions in Taipei venue are “are the flowers, sticks, rolls or squid eaten in the MV of Cai Yilin’s strange beauty?”, “in the MV of Cai Yilin’s strange beauty, what is the color of the last scene after the defendant and the judge embrace and explode?”, and the answer is the flowers, blue.
As for Kaohsiung Arena, there are “several people who join Jolin and actors in the” negative break “MV. The options include 32, 9, 26 and 15 people, as well as” who is not Jolin’s alias for house tiger in instagram “. The options include pipi, pipi, handsome and fat bear. The correct answer is 15 people and Pipi.

Shencheng withdraws bankruptcy application

Shencheng a retreat, the original stock abbreviation is Shenzhou Great Wall, because the stock price falls below the par value to trigger the delisting mechanism, there are only ten trading days left at present. According to Shencheng A’s latest announcement, the company’s creditors withdraw their bankruptcy application. Next, let’s get to know more about it. Shencheng a withdrew and announced that recently the company received the civil ruling delivered by the court. The applicant Xi’an bifui road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. applied for the bankruptcy reorganization of the respondent Shenzhou Great Wall Co., Ltd. and the applicant proposed to withdraw the bankruptcy reorganization application. According to the investment cooperation agreement signed by the controlling shareholder of the company and Yufa group, if the reorganization plan is not approved or approved, resulting in the failure to continue to advance as agreed, the agreement will be automatically terminated. Shencheng withdraws bankruptcy application and Shencheng a withdraws the latest news
According to the official website, Shencheng A is Shenzhou Great Wall Co., Ltd., founded in 1984 with a registered capital of 1.698 billion yuan. The company is mainly engaged in engineering investment and medical investment business at home and abroad. From September 26 to October 30, 2019, Shenzhen Stock Exchange forced to delist because the closing price for 20 consecutive trading days was lower than the par value (1 yuan). According to the previous information, since November 25, 2019, Shencheng a has entered the delisting consolidation period with a term of 30 trading days. Upon expiration, Shencheng a will be delisted by Shenzhen Stock Exchange. By the end of the day, Shencheng A’s stock price was 0.25 yuan per share and its market value had shrunk to 425 million yuan.

Student load reduction program

On December 11, the Department of education of Zhejiang Province officially released the implementation plan for reducing the burden of primary and secondary school students in Zhejiang Province (hereinafter referred to as the “reduction plan”). The reporter noted that the draft of the proposal was released on October 28, in which it was proposed that pupils and junior high school students could refuse to complete the remaining homework after 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. after being confirmed by their parents. In the new regulation, only the middle-level students in the class were required to refer to the length of homework. In addition, the new regulations require that no homework should be arranged in the parent group, and parents should not be required to check and correct homework.
“No one size fits all reduction of the burden.” Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education said in the interpretation document of the “load reduction program” released on December 11 that the focus of this load reduction work is to solve the outstanding problems such as excessive academic burden of primary and secondary school students inside and outside the school and deviation in the implementation of various specifications.
The program regulates school education and teaching, standardizes examination and evaluation, deepens the reform of education mode, standardizes the enrollment of primary and secondary schools, standardizes the training outside the school and the management of competitions and activities entering the primary and secondary schools, implements the responsibility of family education, and strengthens the responsibility of the government. The program will be implemented from January 10, 2020.
In terms of operation, the load reduction plan mentioned that the operation quality should be improved and the total amount of operation should be controlled as a whole. The total amount and time of homework in each subject are controlled by the school grade group. According to the requirements of the curriculum standard, the length of homework is controlled by the middle-level students in the class. All assignments assigned to students must be selected, done first, graded and approved by teachers. No punitive assignments are allowed.
In addition, homework should not be arranged in the parent group, parents should not be required to check and correct homework, parents should not be required to submit cultural discipline homework by typing, and students’ homework should not be turned into parents’ homework.

Zhang Mi diagnosed advanced cancer

Today (November 26) singer Zhang mifa Changwen said he had been diagnosed with “advanced cancer”. “I never thought that the four words” advanced cancer “would have something to do with myself. Even when I got the diagnosis report, I couldn’t believe that the words in black and white were true,” Zhang said. The process from despair to acceptance is a bit lengthy, because touching the proposition of life and death, I suddenly have a deeper understanding of the concept of “living to death”. The existence of life itself is towards “death”, but this does not prevent us from actively pursuing the colorful life. In the continuous chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I seem to fall into the abyss of pain, hair loss, dizziness, vomiting and so on, which makes me miserable. However, the encouragement and company of doctors, family members and friends make me see a glimmer of light in the abyss, and the feeling of joy in pain makes me have a different experience of life.
Looking back on the past days, the original experience can be bumpy to the extreme, wonderful to the extreme! Every experience may be God’s test for me, to make myself better and stronger! Now I feel the greatest happiness when I see the sun rising every day. If I can challenge death and overcome it, what else can I fear in the future? I don’t think it’s an ultimatum of death. It’s just a little cold in my life.
Through the glass window to find the small life dancing in the sun, and get along with the family every minute and second to realize the meaning of family feeling. I’ve never been so hopeful. I’m looking forward to touching and feeling the temperature of the sun. I’m looking forward to standing on my favorite stage again
Singer Zhang Mi diagnosed with advanced cancer
Zhang Mi is wearing a hat. She must have gone through chemotherapy to lose her hair. Although she looks very haggard, she still compares her hair with her hands in front of the camera. I believe that with the development of medicine, Zhang Mi’s condition will change, and I wish Zhang Mi can be cured.